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These gorgeous and stylish apartments are in Gazipasa, Antalya. The property offers residents one-bedroomed apartments and two-bedroomed duplexes.

  • Gazipasa - Antalya
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 46m², 100m²

From €99,000 Last update: 9 Day

These stylishly designed apartments are in Gazipasa, Antalya. The project offers residents one-bedroomed apartments as well as two-bedroomed duplexes.

  • Gazipasa - Antalya
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 46m², 93m²

From €99,000 Last update: 9 Day

The project is located in the Aksu area of Antalya, renowned for breathtaking natural surroundings, and easy access to the airport and city center.

  • Aksu - Antalya
  • 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 77m², 102m²

From €221,000 Last update: 10 Day

The complex with spacious 3+1 apartments for sale is situated in Kepez district, Antalya.

  • Kepez - Antalya
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 135m²

€250,000 Last update: 13 Day

The project is situated in the Altintas area of Aksu district, a new investment destination in the Antalya region.

  • Aksu - Antalya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 48m², 86m², 139.5m²

From €164,000 Last update: 13 Day

These modern and well-designed apartments are in Aksu, Antalya. The property has one to five-bedroomed apartments, with the three, four, and five being duplexes

  • Aksu - Antalya
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 65m², 85m², 120m², 160m², 180m²

From €133,000 Last update: 17 Day

These chic apartments are conveniently located near the airport in Aksu, Antalya. The single three-floored block offers two sizes of one-bedroomed apartments.

  • Aksu - Antalya
  • 1 Bedroom
  • Apartment
  • 62m², 82m²

From €123,000 Last update: 7 Day

These beautifully designed apartments are located in Aksu, Antalya. Two-tiered blocks stand five floors high and offer one, two, and three-bedroomed apartments.

  • Aksu - Antalya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 45m², 75m², 110m²

From €160,000 Last update: 21 Day

These elegant apartments are near the beach in Konyaalti, Antalya. The two three-floored blocks offer one, two, and three-bedroomed apartments and duplexes.

  • Konyaalti - Antalya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 44.8m², 75.1m², 86m², 141.4m²

From €293,000 Last update: 23 Day

These stylish and marble-designed apartments are in Gazipasa, Antalya. The four-floored block offers apartments ranging from one to three bedroomed.

  • Gazipasa - Antalya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 54m², 78m², 150m²

From €114,000 Last update: 23 Day

These strikingly modern apartments are located in Kepez, Antalya. The three-floored property offers one, two, and three-bedroomed apartments.

  • Kepez - Antalya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 83m², 92m², 128m²

From €146,000 Last update: 23 Day

These modern and trendy apartments are located in Aksu, Antalya. The single twelve-floored block offers one and two-bedroomed apartments.

  • Aksu - Antalya
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 42m², 65.5m²

From €136,000 Last update: 1 Month

Buying an apartment in Antalya | Antalya apartments for sale

Many foreigners are thinking about buying an apartment in another country. Resorts are high in demand; for example, Antalya is one of the most popular places among holidaymakers.  Buying an apartment in Antalya for yourself to come and relax or to rent to other tourists is a very appealing prospect. 

Foreign citizens who want to buy an apartment in Antalya are increasing every year.  In terms of the number of purchased properties, Antalya took second place after Istanbul selling 8,640 new homes and that was in the first ten months of 2021.

Apartments in Antalya
Apartments from the developer in Antalya are waiting for their owners.


Advantages of buying an apartment in Antalya

Antalya is an excellent place to purchase real estate.

Apartments in Antalya
Comfortable houses with courtyards.

The city has many advantages:

  1. A developed transport network. International and local aeroplanes fly all year round. Domestic flights cost no more than 50 Euros. The town runs inexpensive public transport: trams, buses. The fares are between 7 and 9 TL and for children under six years old - free of charge. On some holidays, free travel is available for all passengers. Taxies are calculated by a meter for each km travelled.
  2. High return on the acquisition. Prices for the purchase of real estate are low, and the demand for rented property is high. Renting an apartment for holidaymakers is cheaper than hotel accommodation: sometimesfrom 150 Euro per week in the high season, in the low season less.
  3. The high season covers half the year, from May to November.
  4. Comfortable weather conditions in winter ensure year-round demand for holidaymakers for apartments. Temperatures rarely drop below +10 ° C.
  5. For foreign citizens, visa-free stay in the country is valid for three months. By purchasing real estate in Turkey, the owner receives a residence permit. After five years, Turkish citizenship is available. If the acquisition costs more than 4000,000 Dollars, then you are able to apply for citizenship immediately.)June 2022 updated fig.)
  6. High quality medical and cosmetic surgeries are available at lower prices - 3 times cheaper than in your own country.
  7. Lower property taxes: an annual payment of 0.2 % of the property’s value.
  8. Suitable conditions for doing business for foreign citizens.
  9. Developed infrastructure. In each area within walking distance are shops, pharmacies, bus stops, entertainment centres, medical and educational centres.
  10. Turkish people are very kind and helpful towards visitors and there is high tolerance towards other religious beliefs.
  11. Inexpensive and high-quality utility charges.  In many houses there is an independent hot water supply, in the summer hot water comes from solar panel tanks, which allows residents to save on electricity or gas. At most complexes, there is private security, playgrounds, parking lots, lawns, and streets are clean.


What Real Estate Can You Purchase in Antalya?

Our company offers a large selection of real estate: Antalya apartments, villas, land, and penthouses. Browse our web portfolio for a range of properties all priced very competitively.

The most profitable option is to purchase real estate from a developer at the of-plan stage. You can negotiate price and make bespoke alterations to the internal structure of the property.

In the resale market, you can find an apartment in a new or old building. More often than not, they come fully furnished and you can discuss prices directly with the owner.

If you plan to use housing only for a holiday, you can look at inexpensive properties located in a more remote area, for example, Bahtili. If a new apartment is to become a permanent residence, or used for business purposes, it is better to purchase in the city centre.

Residential complex
Elite residential complexes with apartments from the developer at 320 Euros for one sqm are available.


City overview

Antalya consists of 3 large districts - Kepez, Konyaalti and Muratpasa.


Foreigners love this district; real estate around the harbour area is the most popular; other areas are Bahtili and Hurma.


The area is on a small pebble coast. The water in the sea is clean and clear. Infrastructure is well developed: hotels, supermarkets, small shops, restaurants, a farmers market, and pharmacies. There is one clinic, the nearest hospital is 9 km away.

The farmers market has a large selection of exotic fruits.

In Liman ( Konyalti harbour area), pre-school and primary school education is available for the foreign-speaking population.

The are various properties available in the real estate market: from economy apartments to villas. Rental prices range from 200 Euros to 700 Euros a month. Cost of homes starts from around 65,000 Euros.

Most properties purchased are resale housing as new construction is minimal.

Apartments in Turkey
Spacious apartments with sea views and large balconies are available.


The population is around 20,000 inhabitants. Distance from the coast is one km. It offers a picturesque view of the mountain peaks, within walking distance there is a beach. People of different nationalities like to live here because of its tranquility.

Map of the area
Hurma is only 2 kilometre from the sea.

In the area are many shops, supermarkets. Most of them have a home delivery service. There are plans to build a shopping area of ​​more than 4 thousand square meters.

Hurma is a quiet family area having fewer entertainment facilities than in Liman area.

There are no hospitals or schools here, but there are plans for development in the next few years.

Real estate costs are less here than in Liman, and the choice is more significant. There are a lot of new buildings in Hurma; you can buy housing at construction stage. There are very few villas here but the area is under going rapid development.

Pool at home
The purchase of an apartment in a new building is a profitable investment of savings.



This district is home to an old town with historically valuable buildings. Among the ancient buildings, there are few properties for sale. Another area of interest for property buyers is Lara.


Lara is the centre of Antalya built on a hill; the coastline formed of sheer cliffs. Its length is 15 km. There are elite and economy options on the real estate market. Lara is the centre of entertainment and business life in Antalya. Here are offices of large companies, prestigious night clubs, shopping centres, cafes, parks. Within walking distance, there are many hospitals, private clinics, dental clinics, gynaecological, and cosmetology facilities. Foreign speaking children can get secondary education here or enrol for additional training courses.

Дома в Ларе
Beautiful apartments in prestigious houses in the Sirinyali district.

Economy apartments are available in Guzeloba from a starting price of 45,000 Euros. This neighbourhood is only 9 km from the airport, and the sound of planes can be heard when taking off and landing.

Housing close to a sandy beach is in Kundu. Prices starting prices are at 55,000 Euros for 2-3-room properties.

Kundu apartments
An apartment in the Kundu area are at a starting price of 55,000 Euro’s


Kepez is the most populous district - more than 500,000 inhabitants. Kepez is developing rapidly, but there are not as many foreigners in this area. However, as this area is undergoing urban redevelopement and some very prestigious complexes are being built, many more foreign buyers are turning their eye towards Kepez with keen interest. Distance from the airport - 13 km, from the centre of Antalya - 10 km, from the beach - 9 km. 
An industrial zone of approximately 300 enterprises, despite this, there are many parks, squares, and forested areas in the district. Kepez has a large zoo, a farm and an extensive olive plantation.

Distance to the beach
Kepez County is just 15 km from the beach.

The infrastructure has developed: many cafes and restaurants, a hospital for 300 patients, veterinary clinics, dentistry, cosmetology and educational institutions (with English-speaking teachers).

In Antalya, you can buy a variety of housing. Compared with other countries, prices are low in Turkey. The owner can use acquired real estate for his residency or earn money on a rental. Such an investment is profitable; many want to rent an apartment or villa.

It is always wise when investigating buying a property abroad to use a reputable company. Summer Homes has many years experience in the real estate market and we have thousands of satisfied customers. We support you to find the property of your dreams from the initial inspection trip, to assisting you with the purchase and all the documentation that accompanies these transactions. We also provide after-sales care to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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