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Antalya’s Amazing Underwater World

Having the benefits of being able to scuba dive in any season and having a rich habitat making Antalya one of the best places to go scuba diving. Approximately 1000 people go scuba diving every day, and we have been told that you can see all types of animals such as; sea turtles, lionfish, sea urchins and other endemic species which live in the Mediterranean region. It is also possible to see Posidonia Meadows named after Poseidon, the ‘God of Sea’’ in the Greek mythology.

Antalya greets its visitors with its 640 km long beach and 222 diving spots. People can come here to learn how to scuba dive. Every company that arrange the tours, also give lessons. For those of you who already know, can go diving with the guidance of the driving instructor.

The reason why Antalya is known for being one of the most popular scuba diving locations in tourism is because of its ecosystem, clear waters and many types of species which live in the Mediterranean and also visited by the red sea.