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Apartment prices from a contruction company

Today, foreign investors are increasing in Turkey, especially buying directly from the developer, the prices of which are annually increased by 5-10%, it allows them to use Turkish real estate as a profitable long-term investment.

Map of Turkey with cities
Map of Turkey with cities and resorts.


The difference in acquiring real estate from the developer is that the buyer begins to finance the project at the stage of laying the foundations, i.e. enters into shared construction. The down payment in most cases is 25% of the price of the apartment; the remainder paid before the facility is completed. Often, the developer offers instalment payments for the entire construction period. Some companies can provide interest-free long-term instalments for up to 5-7 years.

Foreign investors have the opportunity to get a mortgage in dollars or euros from Turkish banks at 6-8%. You can loan up to 75% of the cost of housing.

The main advantage of buying an apartment in a complex under construction is cost savings. On average, such real estate will cost 25-30% cheaper than completed housing. Also, during construction, you can choose the finishing options and adjust the layout.


The choice of city for the acquisition of real estate depends on its use. If you plan to develop a business in Turkey that requires close cooperation with large companies and financial institutions of the country, we recommend buying housing in economically dynamic cities - Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara.

If your goal is to acquire your apartment in a resort area, to move there as a permanent residence or to earn money on rental housing, pay particular attention to properties located in cities on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey such as Side, Antalya, Alanya or Kemer.


Studio apartments in Ankara
Buying a studio apartment in Ankara is a profitable investment.

The capital of the Republic of Turkey, with a population of 5 million people is in the centre of the country's economic life. Here are the main offices of the largest Turkish companies and banks.

Transport in the city is by metro, buses, trams, commuter trains and taxis. For independent trips, you can use a rental car costing $ 25-30 a day. For short distances, it is advisable to travel by taxi, boarding a vehicle is € 0.27; each kilometre travelled is € 0.18.

In Ankara, there are no beautiful sandy beaches, as in resort cities of Turkey, but there are many historical monuments and museums. Among the most famous sights, are the Ataturk Mausoleum, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, the Khizar Citadel and the Aladdin Mosque.

Lovers of delicious food will like it in Ankara the city has many restaurants are serving oriental, Asian and European cuisine. To appreciate the quality of Turkish cuisine, we recommend visiting Ataturk Boulevard. Shopping enthusiasts should head to the Atrium or Armada Mall.

The value of real estate also attracts foreign investors in Ankara. So, a small studio in a residential area of ​​the city bought from the developer is approximately $ 30-40 thousand. For option 1 + 1 or 2 + 1 you will have to pay €39-40 thousand. New construction in the central part of the city is rare.


The third-largest city in the Republic of Turkey is on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Despite being close to the sea, Izmir is not a resort city because of the developed industry and having one of the largest ports in Turkey. For this reason, the water on the beaches is dirty.

Millions of tourists come to Izmir every year to touch with history and ancient architecture of Turkey. The main attraction of the city is the clock tower, which located on Konak Square. In Izmir, you should see Kadifekale Castle, situated on Mount Pagos. This place offers fantastic views of the city and its surroundings.

The centre of Izmir's nightlife is on Alsancak's pedestrian street. Here until the morning, there are numerous nightclubs and discos. Transport in the city is by the metro, electric trains, dolmus and taxis. You can use ferries or rent a car.
Real estate prices are comparable to those in Ankara.

Izmir is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea is not a resort due to the development of the industry.


Even though Istanbul is not the capital of the Republic of Turkey, it is often called the centre of culture and industrial life of the country. The city is divided by the Bosphorus, which separates the continent into Europe and Asia, east and west, Christianity and Islam. In Istanbul, two cultures intertwine: European and Middle Eastern, which makes the city a unique cultural and historical place, attracting more than 10 million tourists annually.

Due to a large number of visitors, it is advisable to buy an apartment in Istanbul to earn money on rental housing. The price of renting real estate in the city depends on the location of the house, the size of the apartment, the availability of furniture and household appliances. So, for example, a two-bedroomed fully furnished apartment in the central part of the city can be up to € 450 a month. Moreover, the purchase of such a property from the developer will cost only € 40-53 thousand.

The city of Istanbul is the centre of culture and industrial life of the country, divided by the Bosphorus.


The largest tourist province in the Republic of Turkey is located on the Mediterranean coast 130 km east of Antalya.

Today, development in Alanya is carried out mainly on the outskirts and around the city. To purchase an apartment from the developer, you should consider the area of Oba, it is a calm and quiet place, which consists mainly of beautiful new housing and administrative buildings.

Both are attractive not only for the cleanliness of the beaches, but also by their developed infrastructure - a new hospital, a centre for laser medicine, hypermarkets (Metro, Beko, Koctas, Bim), and consumer services function here. The roadway in Oba is one of the best in Alanya, and the fare on a dolmus is only € 0.44.

Both are between the mountains and the sea. Such a location makes purchasing an apartment attractive for permanent residence or making money on renting out housing.

Alanya Province is on the Mediterranean coast.


Mountains on all sides surround the city, so it is not only popular in summer, but in winter there are ski slopes nearby. A large number of tourists and Turks come here from other cities throughout the year, so you can earn on renting an apartment all year round.

The cost of renting real estate in Kemer is comparable to that in Alanya or Antalya.

The most desirable area for buying an apartment from the developer is Beldibi. The resort village is a long street stretching along the coastline. On both sides of the main road are numerous hotels, shops and restaurants. The beaches here are clean and tidy, and admission is free. You only have to pay for a sunbed and an umbrella. The cost of renting beach accessories is € 1-2. The price of a two-room apartment when buying it from the developer at the construction stage is in the range of € 35-53 thousand. A small studio will cost only € 26-31 thousand.

The city of Kemer, surrounded by mountains, is popular both in winter and in summer.


To purchase resort real estate in Turkey, most investors from Europe and other countries go to Antalya. The popularity of Antalya housing among foreigners is because millions of tourists come to this city every year, providing high demand for rental apartments. For a small studio, you can get $ 200-350 a month. A three-roomed apartment on the first coastal line with sea views is $ 450-600 per month.

The following areas of Antalya are most suitable for buying an apartment from the developer:

Hadrian's Gate
Hadrian's Gate.
  1. Kepez. Real estate prices here are 15-25% lower than in other areas of Antalya because of an industrial presence in Kepez. Despite this, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the city every year. The popularity of the area ensures favourable ecology, clean beaches, large and beautiful parks (Versak, Antalya Kepez Macera Ormanı, Kepez Belediyesi Kent), and well-developed infrastructure. In Kepez is the famous Duden Waterfall in Turkey.
  2. Konyaalti. Clean pebble beaches distinguish the area, and for their environmental friendliness, they have a Blue Flag. Konyaalti has everything necessary for permanent residence: parks (Aktur amusement park, Aqualand water park), archaeology and miniature museums, an aquarium, shopping centres (Migros-5M), schools and hospitals. It is profitable to buy apartments and to earn money on rent - Konyaalti is the most visited area by tourists in Antalya.
  3. Muratpasa. The central place to rest and enjoy the surroundings of Karaalioglu Park. Here you can ride a bike, have a picnic or stroll among the fruit trees. For fun, you can visit the Ataturk Park or the Antalya Dolphinland Water Park. Muratpasa has foreign-speaking schools where children can study. Buying an apartment in Antalya is suitable for moving to a permanent residence, or for investment in real estate to rent out or resell it later. The cost of housing in Muratpasa increases annually by 5-7%.


A small resort town located on a peninsula washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The main advantage of the city is its clean sandy beaches, eastern and western. The beach of the west has a gentle entrance to the sea. This beach is suitable for families. Young people prefer to relax on the eastern shore. Here until the morning, there are many restaurants and discos open.

In the central part of Side is the largest amphitheatre in Turkey, which has survived time since antiquity. Around the amphitheatre, you can observe another attraction of the peninsula - the ruins of the ancient city, decaying statues and other monuments of Byzantine architecture.

Today, the city has everything necessary for a calm and comfortable life: shops, clinics, consumer services, schools and kindergartens. Apartments from the developer in Side will cost 10-15% cheaper than similar ones in Antalya.

Apartment in Side
Cosy apartment in the resort town of Side.


Turkey is primarily a resort country. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in real estate in popular resort cities: Antalya, Alanya, Side or Kemer. The Black Sea coast of Turkey is not in demand among tourists.

For investments made to earn on the rental market, we recommend considering the following apartment options:

  1. Studio. Consists of 1 large room combined with a kitchen. There is a separate bathroom. The size of such a property rarely exceeds 60 m².
  2. 1 + 1, 2 + 1. They have 1-2 bedrooms a living room, a separate or combined kitchen, and a bathroom.

It is advisable to invest in new 3- and 4-bedroomed apartments, duplexes or penthouses to earn money on their subsequent resale.


The price of new buildings in Turkey depends on:

  • The floor on which the apartment is located;(availability of finishes, furniture, household appliances)
  • View from the windows
  • Number of rooms
  • Year of construction of the building
  • Distance from the sea or the city centre
  • Infrastructure development
  • Internet connection
  • Use of credit funds

You can buy an apartment from a developer in Turkey at an attractive price using our company. We only cooperate with reliable, trusted developers; therefore, purchasing a home through us, you can be sure that you will make a profitable deal.