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Buying an apartment in Turkey

Interest in buying a property abroad is very high at the moment, so why not look at Turkey for your summer home? 

Apartments in Turkey
Property in Turkey can be purchased in many different resort cities.

Why is Real Estate in Turkey so Popular

Turkey is not just a holiday destination. Many people decide to buy property here either to relocate because of the amazing climate; the people are friendly here; there are opportunities to work here (with work visas) or just to have that special place to call your own and to visit whenever the mood takes you

First of all, people are attracted by the climate, which is warmer than in some other countries. For example, the average daily temperature in January is + 14 ° C, and in August + 38 ° C.

Also, this country has beautiful nature: forests, rivers, seas and mountains. There are also many attractions, such as Hagia Sophia, mosques, the Grand Bazaar, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Green Canyon, etc. Therefore, when moving to Turkey, you can spend holidays and weekends in historical places and embrace the culture of the country.

Hagia Sophia
In Istanbul, be sure to visit the majestic Hagia Sophia.

Turkish-foreign relationships are stable and there are no sanctions on any side. Turkey is a safe country to visit and flights are readily available from many cities around the world. 

There are other reasons for the demand for property in Turkey; these are:

  • The simplicity of the process of purchase
  • A wide choice of apartments and houses
  • A wide variety of locations
  • It is possible to obtain a residence permit and then Citizenship after the registration of a residential property 

What Property Can be Purchased

Our company offers apartments in Turkey and other residential properties in various regions, for example, in Alanya, Istanbul, Antalya, Side, Kemer, Bodrum, Fethiye, as well as in the Republic of Cyprus.

Depending on the purpose of the purchase, you can choose the following types of property:

  • Apartments
  • Penthouses
  • Villas
  • Hotels
  • Land
  • Offices or business centres.

The company’s website manually adjusts the filter according to the number of rooms and the cost of housing. We are making it easier for you to find a suitable property.

For example, we have apartments with the following layouts 1 + 1 (≈60-90 m²), 2 + 1 duplex (≈130 m²), 3 + 1 duplex (≈170 m²), 4 + 1 duplex (≈230 m²), 2+ 1 (≈135 m²) and some others. Small villas with an area of ​​70-120 m² are mainly in this format, 2 + 1.

Larger apartments (over 240 m²) are presented in the format 3 + 1, 4 + 1, 5 + 1. And there are 4 variants of land which you can purchase ranging from:  55,000 to 360,000 € with an area of 505 to 7613 m².

A villa with a pool
You could own a villa with a pool in Turkey, it is a great place to relax with children.

Prices of Apartments in Turkey

The cost of property depends on several factors.

  • Region of the country and district of the city.
  • Infrastructure development, i.e.. the availability of shops and shopping malls, playgrounds, parks, schools, hospitals, gyms, the beach, etc.
  • Secondary housing, i.e.. from the owner, or primary housing in a new building.
  • Distance from the sea.
  • Area of the property and the materials used in the build.
  • Decoration, furnished or unfurnished.
Studio apartment
An apartment with furniture will cost more.

Where is the best Place to Buy an Apartment in Turkey?

It is difficult to answer which region of the country is the best for buying an apartment because it all depends on the wishes of the client. But there is a lot of information on the web which can help you make your choice of town or city.

Alanya is a combination of a busy centre and tranquil areas. The great location by the sea attracts many buyers as you can purchase apartments that are 200-500 m from the beach. Alanya is a popular tourist destination, so the city has a lot of attractions to visit (castle area, Syedra, Sapodere Canyon to name a few), clubs and restaurants. An additional advantage for buyers is that there are two airports nearby, i.e.. transfers to the town do not take much time.
One is 45 minutes away in Gazipasa and the other approximately 2 hours away in Antalya.

Apartment in Alanya
Apartments in Alanya with a sea view.

Antalya is in the south of Turkey with great natural beauty, sandy beaches and the sea. The city has historical sites and attractions. Also, an international airport is only 10 km from the central part of Antalya.

City Map
The layout of the international airport in Antalya.

The best-selling city is Istanbul, where about 15 million people live. This city is divided into two parts by the Bosphorus strait.

The benefits of living in Istanbul are as follows:

  1. It is the cultural and historical centre of the country.
  2. The climate here is warm.
  3. Istanbul is in the north-west of the country, the nearest European states, are Greece and Bulgaria, which can be reached by car.
Map of Istanbul and Bulgaria
We travel from Istanbul to Greece and Bulgaria.

Side - is a combination of historical flavour, small streets and beaches. The calm atmosphere and wide selection of properties attract foreigners here. For example, you can buy 1 + 1 apartments with an area of ​​60 m² for 65,000 € or an apartment of 222 m² in an elite residential complex for 235,000 €.

Apartments in Side
Apartments with a cosy courtyard and pool in Side.

In Kemer, as in the other resort cities in Turkey, there is beautiful nature, mountains, beaches and the sea. Those who like hot summers choose this region. Also, Kemer is only 40 km from Antalya and the international airport. These two benefits attract property buyers.

Apartments in Kemer Turkey
Mountains and the sea can be seen from the windows of your apartment in Kemer.

The port city of Bodrum, is located on the Aegean coast, has mild winters and hot summers. There are a large variety of homes on the property market: you can buy an 85 m² apartment for 50,000 € or a more substantial 180 m² villa in 4 + 1 duplex format for 440,000 €. The city has many white-stone houses and buildings, which gives a unique beauty to this place.

Property in Turkey
Apartments in Bodrum with an area of ​​95 m².

Terms and Conditions of Buying a Property

Buying a property in Turkey consists of several steps:

  • Choice of region and type of housing
  • Closure of a deal
  • Tapu registration.

To search for an apartment, villa or house, you can contact our company directly or you can peruse our extensive website.

At the 2nd stage, it is essential to consider several points:


  1. To reserve your favourite apartment before buying, you can make a deposit, the size of which is agreed individually, on average it is from 1000 €, depending on the value of the apartment.
  2. Is important to consider that if you change your mind, our company is one of the very few who will refund your deposit or we can offer you an alternative property.
  3. During the transaction, additional costs are possible; for example, for translation services, photographs, and implementation of a power of attorney. Working with us, we provide all these services for you completely free of charge.

A contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller, detailing, the sale, value of the property, amount of deposit and an interest-free payment schedule in installments for the remaining debt.

After the entire amount is transferred to the seller, the client must issue the TAPU, i.e.. title of ownership, which confirms the rights of the owner of the property. Also, sometimes with some unique properties, you can arrange a TAPU (the title of deeds) after making advance payment for the apartment and become its owner immediately. Still, the liability will only be complete after full payment of the entire amount.

Thus, when buying a home in Turkey, there are many essential points to be considered.

For security and simplification of the transaction at all stages, you can contact our company for help.