Beaches and Bays in The Black Sea

When beaches are mentioned in Turkey, the Aegean and Mediterranean shores is the first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to the black sea region, valleys and canyons are referred. But in fact, the black sea region has a 1700 km long beach and consists of clean blue seas.

Here are some of the beaches we have come up with for you;

Beygir Sand Beach – Giresun

The sea here is just as good as the sea in the Mediterranean. Because of an underwater source, the water is colder than other locations on our list. The view is impressive as it is located under a large cliff. Thanks to its geological location, there are many restaurants where you can eat, which have amazing views.

Antique Beach – Sinop

There are many spots where you can swim and enjoy the sea, but the beach looking towards the Antique Sinop Hotel is the most prefered. Because it is the hotel's beach, the entry fee is 20 TL.

Sardala Bay – Şile

The bay is between Ağva and Kefken and close to the Bağırganlı village. The bay has many small islands, rocks and caves. Because the bay has no facilities, it is prefered by campers.

Kemalpaşa Beach – Hopa

Kemalpaşa beach has a 3 km long shore and one of the last areas to live the beach culture in the east side of the Black sea. It is also the closes beach to the city of Batum and prefered by many due to its clean shores.

Çakraz Beach – Amasra

Being one of the most popular destinations in the whole of the Black sea, having its golden sand beaches, impressive view and clean seas put it on the top of our list.

Payanır Harbour Beach – Kırklareli

This beach, which is 20 m wide and 200 m long, is located in the east of the İğneada longoz, is the most peaceful location one of our list. Unfortunately, to reach this beach, you will have to walk through tight areas, but once you reach there, we guarantee it will be worth it.

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