Best Places to Buy a Villa in Istanbul

There are many places where you can buy villas in Istanbul. There are some points to consider when deciding which home to buy a villa in Istanbul. In this article, we will look at the points to consider while decided which place to buy a villa in Istanbul.

Points to be Considered

  • Should the area you want to live in be a calm area or a lively one?
  • Would you like to live in an area which you will have neighbours? Or would you rather live in a more private area?
  • Would you prefer to have service units such as hospitals and schools around the place where the villa you will live in?

As the Summer Home real estate company, we will be glad to help you to set up the points to be considered when buying a villa in accordance with your needs.

Here are some places that have the best villas in Istanbul. We will try to give you an idea of some of those places.

Yesilkoy / Yesilyurt

Yeshilkoy / Yeshilyurt is one of the places where you can buy villas in Istanbul. This region is located on the European side of Istanbul. In the past, it had high demand because of its distance to Ataturk Airport.


Büyükchekmece is a place located in the west of Istanbul. As you go west of Istanbul, we should mention that you are moving away from the city centre. On the other hand, Büyükchekmece is a highly developed region. Within this area, you can easily meet your many needs from health to education, from shopping centres to cultural areas. So you won't need to live in the city centre.

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