Best Places of Residence in Istanbul

You are planning to continue your life in Istanbul, but you could not decide which place could be the best place for you to live in. In this article, we will try to help you decide the best place for you. There are some points that you should pay attention while you decide where the place of residence you live is.

Point to be Pay Attention

  • First of all, there are many different types of places in Istanbul. Do you want to live in a vivid place or in a quiet place? First, you need to be able to answer this question.
  • Another thing that you should pay attention is if you are planning to work in Istanbul, the closeness of your place of residence to your work.

We'll give you some information about some of the best places of residence in Istanbul so you would have an idea of where to live.


Cihangir is one of the most preferred places for foreigners to live in Istanbul. At the same time, artists living in Istanbul prefer to live here because Cihangir is close to many art centres. Because of the high demand for living in the Cihangir area, as you may guess, the house prices are high, and it is reasonably difficult to find a home in Cihangir. Especially if you want to have a house in Cihangir, we recommend that you get assistance from our real estate company.


Bebek is a place where people with an almost high-income level would prefer to live. Compared to Cihangir, this area is much livelier. If you like to communicate with people, if you want to feel a little more of the Turkish culture in your daily life, Bebek may be a better option for you than Cihangir.


Both of the places mentioned above are located on the European side. However, Moda is located on the Anatolian side. Life on the European side is much more active than the Anatolian side. Moda is also preferred by many famous people like Cihangir. However, life in Moda is much calmer than Cihangir.

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