Bodrum Travel Guide

The most popular holiday destinations of Turkey, Bodrum was once called Halicarnassus, but it was changed after the declaration of the Republic of Turkey. This region is thought to have been founded by the Dorr's. Later, Caria, Leleges, Persians, Romans and Byzantines once lived in here The mausoleum in Bodrum was, built for the memory of King Mausolos by his sister Artemisia, is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Today, Bodrum has become a world-renowned region with its many historical buildings worth seeing, as well as its sea and nightlife.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The mausoleum has touches of Greek and Egyptian architecture. It was used as a quarry by the knights of Saint-Jean, which was destroyed during the earthquake. Bodrum Castle was built with the stones produced here. Today it is used as an open-air museum.

Bodrum castle

It was of great importance to building a castle in order to protect the region. Today, Bodrum Castle is an underwater archaeology museum.

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology

The artefacts found in shipwrecks are on display in the museum. It also has an extensive collection of glass artefacts.

Zeki Muren Art Museum

Zeki Muren is one of Turkey's most famous artists. The artist spent his last years in the house and after he passed away; the house was restored in his memory.


The name of the island in history it was known as Arcos. Greeks lived until the Middle Ages, and today, one-day boat tours are organized to the island.

Pedasa Ancient City

An abundant number of historical buildings from the Lelegian period. The reason why they have lasted so long is that the Leleges have been very good at stonework in history.

Yahsi Beach

It is located in Ortakent. The sea here is clear and clean.

Gumbet Beach

This place is famous for its beach parties. Also, the sea and the beach is quite beautiful. Apart from this, there are many bays and beaches where you can swim in Bodrum.

Bodrum Maritime Museum

Model ships, seashells and historical photographs are exhibited at the museum. Especially if you are interested in maritime, do not return without seeing the museum.

Bodrum Bazaar

This region is also at the centrum. You can walk to the side streets and see the beauty of the old Bodrum houses. You can buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones from the shops along the way.

When to Visit

Bodrum has the same characteristics that the Aegean region owns. The summer is hot, winters are warm, and it rains from time to time. Many local and foreign tourists prefer here during the summer months for the holidays, and this region has almost doubled the population. If you have the opportunity, we recommend you to visit in spring.

Where to Stay

You can find seasonal rental homes here, counting residents who have opened their homes as hotels during the season. In addition to both options, you can choose to stay in a hotel or hostel. The most famous hotels in Bodrum are Azka Hotel, Amore Boutique Hotel, The Marmara, Bella Sombra, Royal Arena, Spektr Hotel and Su Hotel. Apart from these hotels, there are a lot of other hotel options in the region.

What to Eat

The region is dominated by Aegean cuisine. Seafood is very popular because it is also a port city. Fish soups, bitter herb, zucchini flower stuffing are among the dishes you should try. In addition to the dishes, we suggest you taste mustard grass, loin grass, koremen, mountain lettuce and chard leaves grown here. The best restaurants to try local tastes include Tranca restaurant, The Black Cat, Antique Mediterranean restaurant, Dayi Fish restaurant.

How to Get Around

The centre of Bodrum is quite small and can get here on foot. However, towns nearby of Bodrum are not within walking distance. You can go from one place to another with the use of minibuses. Taxis are also available; however, a taxi can be expensive since distances are long.

How to Reach

By Plane

There are flights from Istanbul and Ankara to the Bodrum airport.

By Bus

Turkey has many bus services to the city of Bodrum.

By Train

It is not possible to reach Bodrum by train. However, you can go to Izmir by train, and from here you can get to Bodrum by bus.

By Car

Bodrum is about three hours away from Izmir. You can reach Bodrum after 8 hours from Istanbul and 9 hours from Ankara.