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Buying properties with Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency

Over the years, cryptocurrency's popularity is immensely increasing, especially Bitcoin. From February to March 2021, corporations' sudden interest and the potential to make money in a short period have gone up.

The real estate market worldwide has noticed this and created a new trend in 2017 where you can make transactions and purchase objects (properties) with digital coins.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies for Property Sales

Although Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, Summer Home Real Estate also accepts other digital payment methods such as Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), and Ethereum.

How to buy a property with Bitcoin

If you are interested in buying a property and have bitcoins, you do not need to deal with bank transfers and transfer costs because our clients can send the digital coins directly to our wallet to complete the transaction.

Step 1

You transfer your Bitcoins / Etherium / USDT to Summer Home's wallet after being provided with the wallet code.

Step 2

Once the order is given, you need to check your wallet and continuously be in touch with our estate agent to see if we have received the coins.

Step 3

After we confirm the transaction, we move on to apply to the title ( TAPU ) office to give your legal document stating you are the new homeowner.

Answered Questions

Q: Can I buy a property with Bitcoin in Turkey?

A: Yes. You can buy properties with Bitcoin from Summer Home Real Estate & Construction Co.

Q: I want to get Turkish Citizenship. Can I pay with Bitcoin?

A: Yes! of course, you can.

Q: Is it a secure way to buy a property with bitcoins?

A: Yes. We sign a "Buying Real Estate with Bitcoins Agreement," and you transfer your Bitcoins regarding this agreement. Summer Home makes all transactions transparent, and you give feedback at all stages.

Q: Can I buy all kinds of properties with BTC?

A: Yes. You can buy all kinds of properties (residential, commercial, and lands) from us.

Q: Is there an additional tax when I buy properties with BTC?

A: There is NO additional tax when you buy real estate with BTC. We use BTC as a secure way of overseas money transfer.

Q: How long does the BTC transfer process take?

A: It can take from just a matter of seconds to a few days depending on what platform is used for the transaction.

Q: Can I pay for the real estate purchase expenses with Bitcoin?

A: Yes, you can pay all property buying costs through BTC.


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