Cable Car in Antalya

Antalya has marvellous views even when you go up the smallest hill. In addition to the many beauties the region offers, its nature and views are one of a kind. Guests can enjoy mountains, valleys and the sea within the same vacation period.

There are many activities to do to enjoy this view, such as paragliding, helicopters, para-motors, para-sailing, etc. However, this amazing natural view offers much more if you go up with the cable car. Antalya has three cable car lines for visitors to enjoy the views from a high point while chilling and drinking coffee.

One of the cable car lines is Olympos Cable Car, which goes up to Tahtali Mountain. The starting point of the cable car is at Tekirova, 20 km from Kemer going in a westerly direction. The cable car ride lasts approximately 5 minutes, and you go up to the Peak of Tahtali Mountain. The height is 2365 meters. At the peak point, you can enjoy the view with a 360-degree angle. The point is so high that you can sometimes see snow.

There are many shops and cafes at the peak point where you can buy souvenirs of your trip or enjoy a tea or coffee. The view and facilities are better on this cable car line. However, due to the starting point being far from the city centre, it is not in a convenient location if you don’t have a car. Also, the price is higher than the other lines. Despite those facts, the view is so beautiful that the Olympos Cable Car is always very crowded. It is a popular attraction.

The second one is Tünektepe Cable Car. This line is closer to the centre of Antalya, in Sarisu region of Konyaalti. The price is lower than the Olympos Cable Car. Although this second one is new, it has attracted the attention of visitors due to being closer to the centre and being more affordable. However, since it is fairly new, there are fewer shops and facilities at the upper point. There are plans by the municipality to resolve this shortly.

The peak point is 635 meters high. You travel up in cabins of four people. Even before you reach the peak point, you will be holding your breath at the stunning views.

The third alternative for nature lovers is the facility in Alanya – Alanya Cable Car. The starting point is next to Damlatash Cave. The line is 900 meters long, and you reach the peak point at Ermenek Region. The height of the peak point is 300 meters. You can use this cable car as a way to reach Alanya castle.

Antalya’s natural environment is amazing, and we recommend you use every opportunity to enjoy it. These three cable cars offer the best ways to enjoy the views of different parts of the city. Do not miss this beautiful opportunity and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Region at its best.