A “hidden” place situated in 20-kilometer-long Green Valley (Yeşil Vadi) located in the Fethiye district of Muğla offers a different holiday opportunity to its visitors with its tree branches and camping tents built on top of the water.

• Green Valley, which is one of the places frequented by tourists in Yanıklar neighborhood, attracts the attention of nature-loving campers as well as day visitors.

• Mustafa Ergünce, who is an entrepreneur in the region, established a camp tent with steel ropes on the water and 3 to 10 meters high tree branches for nature lovers.

Campers climbing to the platform with wooden stairs and tents are staying in a tent swinging on the branch and find the opportunity to be alone with nature. Providing the opportunity to relax on the wooden platforms built on tea, the valley offers its visitors the opportunity to cool off with its natural pools.


Business manager Mustafa Ergünce, said in a statement, the people came there to cool off from the heat. Those who stay in the camp can swim in the ice-cold water and ride the swings built on the water then he continued as:

•"Those who wish can bring and set up their own tents and others wishing to stay in our tents can also do as they please. On the top of the trees, we made tents, standing in the steel ropes, built pavilions on the water. People come to the accommodation by making a reservation 1-2 months in advance. Those who bring their own tents pay 25 TL and others who choose to stay in our tents pay 60 TL. You can find everything that you’d normally find in a hotel room in our tents. There is a tent which is swinging in the air, fixed in the air, fixed on the water, floating above the water, and we offer the possibility of an extraordinary camping life. Everyone can experience that overwhelming feeling here.”


Gizem Aslandal, who stayed there before said that the nature of Fethiye, where she first came on holiday, was magnificent. Aslandal, who emphasized that those who want to be in nature must have a holiday in Green Valley, said:

"It is a very nice feeling to stay on the water, especially if you want to integrate with nature. Those who want becoming one with nature should really come here. We stayed 5 meters above the ground and it was moving. An extremely peaceful environment... A place away from the city life, noise, exhaust, any sound. "

Fırat Dindar, who was on holiday with his friends, said that he saw the Green Valley on the internet. Noting that the green field of the camping area and ice-cold water, Dindar, said: "We’ve really enjoyed how the tents were spread all around and the facilities provided. We set up our tents in high altitude. Sleeping in there was so relaxing.".