Camping Spots For You to Relax

Since the development of transportation, the world has gotten smaller, and people are now looking for different places to stay and travel.

One of the things people like is that they won't go camping to enjoy the nature but consist of glamour, they call this "Glamping", and they don't want to go to five-star hotels anymore.

Hotel owners have come up with an idea of building simple but practical residences for their guests. We could say it has eliminated the thought of camping an unpleasant thing. People who decide to do "Glamping" can enjoy the camping area's food, shower and clean towels.

Here are some of the camping areas which do "Glamping":

Kocabahche Glamping, Bozburun

This facility provides different experiences such as staying in a standard tent, lotus tent, luxurious glamping tent, bungalow, suite bungalow and even bring your own tent. All of these come with different prices suited to your choice. It is also close to the Dirsekbuku bay.

Mona Camp, Sigacik

This camp area is close to the beach, centre and to the Teos ancient city. All 6 tents are designed as if you are in a hotel room. In the facility, there are 2 showers shared with every 3 tents. If you want, you can make your own barbeque. Do not worry, if you are not in the mood to do it, there is a cafe within the facility.

Bonjuk Bay, Gokova

Just 1 hour away from Dalaman airport, you can enjoy nature with a farm close. The farm provides milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. The facility offers big tents ranging from 6 to 18 sqm. There are also stone houses and bungalows.

Avalon Steppes Glamping Holidays, Fethiye

This facility has a spectacular view, consists of a kitchen and shower place (they are shared). The rooms are called Yildiz Palace, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Topkapi Palace.

Aylak Yasham Camp, Antalya

The camp is 200 metres away from the beach. The facility has various places to stay in. If you want, you can bring your own tent. The shower and toilets are shared, and there is a small bar for eating and drinking.