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About Cesme

Cesme is a small resort town in Izmir, which is famous for its healing hot waters, beaches, and nightlife. The water source is called the small harbor by sailors. The area, which is renowned for its hot waters, is named Cesme(fountain) because of the large number of fountains. Cesme means fountain in Turkey. The fountains you will encounter while visiting has a unique architecture. This region is the most important point in western Anatolia. Cesme, which is a peninsula, is renown for being quite close to the Greek islands. Day trips are organized from here. Noted for its beaches, the most popular beaches of this region are Sifne, Small harbor, Diamond, Ilıca Beach, Farm, Golden Sand, Catal, Azmak, Sakizli Bay, Tekke Beach, and Ayayorgi Beach. The region was called Cyssus in ancient times. Lydian, Persians, Kingdom of Pergamum, Romans, and Byzantines once lived in this region because of its importance of the bays it had. In the Neolithic period, they lived in Bozalan District, Sakarya District, in Chalcolithic and Mycenaean Period. You can find many traces of Principalities and the Ottoman Period in Old Cesme Village are encountered.

Historical Places in Cesme

The Ancient city of Erythroid

It is one of the essential members of the Panionion Union formed by the gathering of 12 important cities. Its history BC dates back to 1000 years. The city was rich in economic terms. The importance of its financial assistance to the Attic-Delos Naval Union is explained in historical documents.

Erythroid means red city in Greek, and it is said to be named this way due to the red soils in the region. You will see the theater, Kybele Cliffs, Temple of Athena, Polios, Heron, and Matron Church.

Mehmet Kethuda Fountain

It is a fountain that was assembled in the 1700s. The fountain that has survived to the least damage has a single facade. Cut stone was used in its construction. It is located just opposite the Maras Fountain.

Ahmetoglu Haci Memis Aga Fountain

Its a fountain made that predates to the 1800s. The fountain with two facades has a square shape.

Hamaloglu or Hafize Rabia Hatun Fountain

It was built at the same time as Haci Memis. The fountain is located on Maras Street. It has a rectangular shape and three facades. Cut stone and andesite were added in its development.


This charming little town is very recognized for its windsurfing. Make sure to try surfing in Alacati before you go back.

Cesme Castle

The Ottomans built it in the early 1500s. It is a building that has been preserved since it was made. It is also a fountain archaeological museum. The castle, which was used as a weapon museum for a period, exhibits the artifacts found in the antique city of Erythroid. Among the exhibits are amphorae, busts, marble statues, coins made of various mines.


Kanuni was finished in the 1500s. After it was restored, it has become a hotel. You can stop here or visit and get Cesme-related gifts for both you and your loved ones.

Donkey Island

The island is known for its sea and underwater sports. As you can imagine from its name, the island is called Donkey Island, seeing the number of donkeys living here. You can go by boat tours, or visit the island by renting a private boat.

When to Visit

Cesme, which has the climate of the Aegean region, gets very hot and crowded in summer. Spring is the ideal season to visit the region. Winter months are also suitable for visiting the area, but it can be a bit cold to swim.

Where to Stay

Cesme is a little place, but there are too many resorts nearby. You can stay in hotels in the center or rent a seasonal house in the surrounding towns. The most preferred hotels in Cesme are; Sheraton, Radisson Blu, Ege Tulip hotel, Golden Dolphin, Boyalık Beach hotel, Cicek aparthotel.

What to Eat

Cesme is home to many tastes that belong to the Aegea. They have plenty of olive oil foods, appetizers, and fish products. Ceska Anne Cuisine, Hanimeli restaurant, Rende Turkish cuisine are some of the largest preferred places by local and foreign tourists. Among the flavors that I can say, don't go back without eating are Kumru, Melon, Watermelon, Artichoke, Olives, Fig Jam, Gum Jam, Bite dessert, and Seafood.

How to Get Around

You can easily reach the center of Cesme and around towns, especially in the summer season, when there are many holidaymakers, by dolmus. It is also possible to provide transportation by taxi except for dolmus. Still, taxi's can be expensive since distances are far away.

How to Get to Cesme

By Plane

The nearest airport to Cesme is İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. You can get to Cesme from the airport by shuttles or by leasing a car.

By Bus

Turkey's many organized bus services to the Cesme.

By Train

There is no transportation by train. However, you can come to Izmir by train and take the bus to Cesme.

By Car

Cesme is about one hour drive from Izmir. You can reach Cesme after a 6-hour drive from Istanbul.

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