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Cleopatra Island, Also Known as Selfie Island

This island was the meeting point for queen Cleopatra and general Antonius 2000 years ago and now it is a holiday destination. The ticket is 30 TL per person to use the boat. After paying the fee, you will find a built path which takes you to the boat. Once you get there, you will notice the island's facilities are built and protected as if it was a museum. Because of the investment made on this island, it is another 30 TL to enter the island.

The interesting part of the island is that because it is believed that the sands were brought here from Egypt, they are protected, making it a restricted area.

The reason why the island is nicknamed" the selfie island" because the beach is very shallow and most of the people's bodies are out of the water making it possible to take many selfies and pictures.

While many people stay all day on the beach, some of them prefer to go sightseeing the island's ruins. The island origin comes from Carian, it remained under the domination of Rhodes for a long time, and the surviving remains which are exhibited are mostly from the Byzantine period.

The walls, temples and ruins of Kedrai's civilizations are also exhibited on the island. Those who want to come here and can see the ruins through the difficult paths.