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Climate Crisis and Home Buying

The ethics surrounding buying a home or apartment have been brought sharply into focus in recent years. The Global Climate Crisis has certainly hit home here in Turkey. In recent months we have had forest fires and floods to contend with. With these natural disasters it seems to have increased awareness around global warming and carbon footprint. Research on google during the time of these natural disasters indicates an upsurge in people using these search terms. So, what does this mean for our construction companies? Will people begin to question their carbon footprint when buying a new property or vehicle? 

It has been said that construction needs to take a greater responsibility. They should be planning more environmentally friendly green buildings. We have to have a ‘Green’ revolution, it's no good looking to the past and its architecture, because we have to look to the future to save our planet. We have to take action now and take responsibility now. This is the message from leaders within construction companies. 

Some building companies are beginning to act ethically. Global warming and environmental crisis have been on some companies' agendas for a while and they are researching new and efficient ways of building for the future. Some of the strategies being implemented are: 

  • Reusing rain water and wastewater e.g., wastewater used in a shower can be reused in the toilet flush 

  • Water used whilst washing fruits and vegetables will be used for garden irrigation 

  • Solar panels used to heat water 

  • Wind Turbines to generate electricity 

  • Sunlight to be used to heat buildings and as a natural light source 

  • Low emissivity glass lessens the amount of heat through your windows and keeps out harmful UV light 

Cost Saving apartments 

By choosing to live in an environmentally built apartment, you are also choosing to reduce your bills. One of the most expensive items of a house is to be found in heating and cooling it, electricity and water. By living in an environmentally friendly building, the average family electricity bill of 400tl could be reduced to around 160tl!  

Progress may be slow but surely it is coming and if demand from customers is around their wish for environmentally friendly homes, then big companies will listen and make the necessary changes. 

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