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 Culinary Tourism in Turkey

The most critical factors involved in visiting a new place is to see a place that you’ve never seen before and to learn new cultures. However, there is yet another reason that has been quite popular in recent years, and that is; to visit places based on their culinary culture. Recent year’s most popular type of tourism, culinary tourism helps people understand the food culture of these places with many different activities.

Turkey, following the same trend, is one of those countries where culinary tourism has become very popular over the years. Whether they are local or foreign tourists, they all visit certain cities and towns with only one goal in mind; to taste the local food or get to know a certain city or region through its cuisine. Obviously, the most effective way to get to know the culinary culture of a place is to taste the local food. However, many other activities introduce local cuisine with cooking classes. Another way is by visiting the local marketplaces and production centres that produce locally unique products.

An example can be given in the case of olive oil. In the month of November, during a trip to Milas, Bodrum region, the visitors can experience olive harvesting, learn how to process the olives, visit a factory and find out about the making of olive oil and in the end, get to taste freshly squeezed olive oil. The tour would not be complete without tasting the excellent local cuisine cooked with olive oil using the local products.

Whether you plan a custom trip on your own or go through a travel agency to join one of their tours, the gastronomic travels have become the tourism of choice in the recent years, and it is one of the most delicious ways to get to know a new place and culture.

Here are some of the delicious food you can find in Turkey;


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