Digital Campaign “Turkey Home” Has Reached 6.9 Million Followers!

The digital promotional campaign for Turkey, "Turkey Home" is now followed by 6.9 million people through social media platforms. The interest of people in this digital campaign seems to grow larger as the time passes and project’s social media accounts are growing bigger every day. An official statistics and data are shared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently.

In the post shared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s official Twitter account, Turkey Home's, which is the digital promotional campaign, current data in the international arena took place.

In this context, according to August data, Turkey Home campaign reached 6.9 million followers on social media platforms.

Many people all around the world are showing interest in the digital campaign of Turkey called Turkey Home and this interest has reached an unbelievable level of followers through social media. The beauties and touristic places of Turkey are introduced to the whole world on this digital campaign’s social media accounts.

Turkey Home, which is the 4th in the world among the organizations that promote tourism on social media, reached 20 million people only in August through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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