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Diving adventures in Alanya

The warm, crystal clear waters in the Mediterranean area of Alanya entice you to dip your toe in and paddle around. Why not take it a step further and dive in; explore a magical underwater world that will fill you with joy.

Beginners course 

There are plenty of diving schools in Alanya, all with certified divers who can teach you the basics or even a full padi course. If you walk along the beautiful harbour, you can choose which diving boat you would like to join for an amazing underwater experience. 


 What can you see? 

 Alanya has a vast array of different underwater species. Including octopus, brightly coloured grouper fish and even seals. If you go out for an early morning dive there’s also the chance to see dolphins. The famous ‘caretta caretta’ sea turtles can be spotted in abundance throughout the summer months. You may see tiny baby sea turtles making their way out to the ocean or the humongous mother caretta caretta laying their eggs on the Sandy beaches. 

What do you need? 

Of course, the most important thing about diving is being a competent swimmer. The diving school will provide all the necessary equipment including masks, flippers and a wetsuit. So don’t delay find your boat of choice, and dive into a new underwater world full of delights.