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Earthquake Backpack survival kit

Turkey is a stunning country and an amazing place to live however some cities run on earthquake lines. Most cities experience daily earthquakes but they’re so light that you can hardly feel them. It is important to note that occasionally big earthquakes can cause devastating problems. So, should this stop you from living here? Of course not. On the scale of danger and risk, the likelihood of an Earthquake having a devastating impact on you is highly unlikely.
However, it is important to be prepared for all eventualities.

What to put in your backpack?

It is important to prepare an Earthquake backpack and keep it somewhere accessible at all times. So what do you need in your backpack? Of course, water and food pouches are a necessity and must be put in. Next, it’s a good idea to put a torch (with working batteries), a whistle for attention and a small radio if possible inside your bag. Copies of housing ownership, a small first aid kit, dust mask, moist towelettes and plastic bag with ties for personal sanitation, local maps, cellphone charger; some items will also be personalized to your family's needs so maybe prescription drugs, items for a baby and don't forget personal family documents (passports, bank account details, insurance documents etc) and should all be put in a sealed plastic bag.

We all hope we never have to use anything like this but it's best to be prepared for any eventuality.

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