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enjoy your time with your kids on the holidays

All of our children, who studied from home in Turkey for a while, took a three-week semester break just yesterday. So now it is an excellent opportunity for the family to spend some time in nature. So where to go, what to do? Here are the places where you can enjoy nature as a family during the semester break.


Located in the Kartepe district of Kocaeli, within approximately 4.000m2, it is the largest natural life park in Europe and the third-largest in the world.

Ormanya Wildlife Park consists of 12 regions. There is a children's zoo, wildlife area, camping area, recreation area, wildlife rescue, and rehabilitation center, Ormanköy, nature trails, bird-watching area, horse riding, sport angling, and exhibition hall. Due to the pandemic, those under the age of 20 can visit the area between 13.00 to 16.00. It is also closed on Mondays due to maintenance work, and you can go exploring in Ormanya on any weekday except on Mondays.


Nowadays there are wonderful views of snow everywhere. Be sure to buy foods such as Mudurnu tarhana and jam made from endemic fruits at the local market. The district is full of old houses and mansions. For example, you can find the Keyvanlar, Armutculular, and Hacı Abdullalar Mansions. It is sure to be an excellent historical trip for children.


Welcome to Yedigoller National Park, an elegant paradise that displays all of its beauties and magnificence. It is an exquisite natural beauty that nobody should miss, with its rivers, ice-cold healing springs, and charming lakes.

Ballikayalar Natural Park

The canyon, which is about two kilometers long, is 80 meters wide. You can see Ballıkaya Stream and ponds in the middle of the area surrounded by limestone rocks. Here, you can take a nice family nature walk and find two small waterfalls.