Everything to Know About Taxi's in Alanya

Meeting with Recep Chalish the Manager of Alanya Taxis and Transport Association

We have asked to have a meeting with Recep Chalish following several complaints and comments on our group. Some of the "information" posted by members was incorrect. They are covered by this association goes from Gazipasa to Okurcalar. The taxis are all yellow in colour, and the roof has a yellow taxi sign. The doors will have the registration number on both of the doors and also on the Number plates. For example.. 07H 0760. Some similar cars can be found, but they are not legal taxis.

When getting into a taxi, check that the driver sets the meter to start price (5.50tl)set on 23/11/2018. This includes value-added tax. The meter is sealed and controlled by government debt. There is one rate only (no difference between day and night). You are advised to ask if they know your destination address but not to ask for a price. It can be a guess, and you often will pay more. The meter can be trusted to be correct.

A taxi taken from a taxi office or called on one of the many call buttons is the safest. Look at the details on the call button plate and check it matches with the taxi that arrives. When you arrive at your destination, the cost will show on the meter. If you think you are being overcharged, take a photo of the meter and also the taxi number, and you can go to the zabita, police or jandarma to check it out and make a complaint.

Alanya Taxis can not accept credit cards as a means of payment. Only cash is accepted and please do not give large notes as the driver is unlikely to be able to give change. They do not carry large amounts of money for security reasons.

Recep Chalish also suggested you ask for a business card to have the business number. If you have any complaints you will have the drivers' details. This is also useful if you have lost or left something in the taxi. There is no central lost property office. There is no centralised phone number for Alanya taxis, but each taxi has a designated stand and will return there after a journey. The Bell pushes, now over 50 in the area, are usually close to where you are.

Taxis will wait in turn at their stand, and usually, you take the one at the front. If you have a good reason not to take the first taxi, you must say why and then take the next available.

There are no phone books or facebook pages listing the various taxi offices. There is no standard method of showing the driver's language skills but some show flags from those countries they have some knowledge of.

You can request a receipt showing tax information, travel details, and VAT. You can request this before the commencement of the journey and if refused is a good reason to take the next available taxi.

Complex security and doormen often do transfers too. They are not usually insured to do commercial transfers. Use a registered Taxi or Transfer company and stay safe.

If you need to transport an animal (dog or cat) please inform the office when booking the taxi. Not all taxis are willing to transport animals, due to allergies of other people. You need to provide a suitable transport box or protective cover. Alanya Taxis will take passengers to and from Gazipasha but can only take passengers to Antalya, they can not pick up passengers from Antalya.

For the duration of the journey, the taximeter must be open. If stopped by the police or jandarma on the highway and it is closed, they face being fined.

Alanya currently has no taxis accessible by wheelchairs using elevator or attachments and also no smartphone application is available to order Alanya Taxis.

The taxis use google maps if unsure of the destination. It helps if you have the address clearly written on paper or a business card. A hotel business card can also help you get to your destination.

Taxis have full insurance covering the passengers in the event of an accident. Many "pick-up" services do not have this cover, is only covered for private use and in the event of a crash, you would not have insurance, and that could be very costly to the passenger.

Alanya Taxis want you to be safe

in their area, and this advice is given to keep you as safe as possible.

If you have any problems, you can call Recep Calish +90 532 692 91 44

This information may be shared and translated by all Alanya social groups.

Keep Alanyians Safe!

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