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Feeling Fishy?

Fishy Foods 

From soups, salads and kebabs to mezze and fish, Turkey is the best place to try some exquisite flavours. When you think about Turkish cuisine, generally kebabs come to mind, however fish is a huge part of Turkish cuisine. Here are the 5 most popular fish in Turkish Cuisine.

Fresh Anchovies

Fresh Anchovies, in Turkish Hamsi, is one of the most popular and tasty fish species in Turkish Cuisine. This famous inhabitant of the Black Sea, whose name means “long and pointed fish”, can be eaten in many different ways. Whether they are steamed, grilled or even served in a rice dish, each one is as delicious. The best time to try these delightful creatures is in the months of November through February.

Sea Bass 

Sea bass (Levrek in Turkish) is one of the most delicious types of fish you and is perfect in the hot summer months. This large-scaled fish is a native in the South Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. They are specifically known for their low-fat meat and delicious flavour. In Turkish cuisine, this fish is either grilled, steamed or baked in salt. The best time to eat sea bass is from May to the end of September.

Sea Bream

Sea bream (in Turkish çipura) is usually caught off the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Due to the size of the fish, it is one of the most filling options in Turkish cuisine. With only a few thin bones, this meaty fish is very tasty. Generally grilled but can also be made into a soup and is very yummy!


In Turkish, Midye is considered one of the true delicacies of this nation, especially if eaten in Izmir. They are extremely fresh and can be filled with lemony rice.