Fethiye Travel Guide

Fethiye Travel Guide

A Brief History of Fethiye

Fethiye is on the current Lycian Way route. Once known as Telmessos, Persians, Romans, and Byzantines lived here throughout history. Today it is referred to as Fethiye because of the memory of the first Turkish pilot Fethi. The most magnificent historic building is a rock tomb and it was built in the name of Amentias, son of Hermapias. In addition, there are many sarcophagus-shaped tombs. These graves are known as the most famous examples of stone carving. Fethiye Archeology Museum, early Lycian, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods, many valuable artifacts are on display. In addition to these monuments, there are other historical monuments and structures worth seeing.

Butterfly Valley

This place has become a world-famous place. Until recently, as the name suggests, the valley, which has been home to many butterflies, unfortunately, does not contain as many butterflies as it used to be. Butterflies living here are rapidly disappearing due to the increase in tourism and unfavorable natural conditions.

Dead Sea Beach

Another world-famous place in the neighborhood is the dead sea beach. It's called a dead sea because it has a blue flag for almost twelve months. In addition, this place is very famous for paragliding. We advise you to try the paragliding.

Telmessos Ancient City

It is the first settlement in the region. The establishment of the city is said to date back to the BC 3000 years.

Fethiye Antique Theater

It is located in the city. It is one of the best examples of the Roman amphitheater. Unfortunately, the theatre has not been well preserved until today.

Remains of Kaya Village

They are remains that belong to the Greek period. They are located on the slope of a hill in Fethiye. Almost everyone who visits here defines it as a ghost town. You can see the ruins such as chapels and schools in the area.

Rabbit Island

It is called Rabbit Island as the rabbits that live on it. The sea of the island is wonderful. Watch out for sea urchins if you are going to enter the shore. You can go to the island by private boat rental or boat trips.

When to Visit

Fethiye is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. So it is convenient to visit here as the weather temperature is wonderful almost 12 months of the year.

Where to Stay

You can easily find a seasonal rental house in Fethiye city center. If you prefer to stay in the hotel, there are city hostels and nearby the centrum. Among the most preferred hotels, there are Janissary hotel, Alesta Yacht hotel, Vault hotel, Blueberry Boutique hotel, Dedeman marina hotel. Because there are loads of places to visit in the city and many bays to swim in, it may be better to stop in a small boutique hotel close to the center.

What to Eat

Fethiye is a touristic area so that you can find the tastes of international cuisine easily. However, we recommend you don't go back without trying the Aegean cuisine. This means that there is plenty of olive oil foods, herb dishes, and appetizers. We strongly recommend that you eat seafood. Tantuni is another taste you should try at Paspatur Bazaar. There is a restaurant called Bazaar. Here you can eat the most delicious Tantuni of Fethiye. If you go to Kayakoy, we suggest you try the pancakes sold by women who open dough on the street. Arabian soup and Keskek are also famous. You should also taste the house wines made by the local people.

How to Get Around

There are abundant day-to-day tour companies in the city center for tourists. You can visit the city with these tours. If you want to visit alone, you can quickly reach the area you want with dolmus. We do not recommend taxi use in Fethiye. Taxi use will be expensive as distances to historical places are far away. You can stroll around the centrum on foot.

How to go to Fethiye

By Plane

The nearest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman Airport. Dalaman Airport also has international flights, especially in the summer. However, it may not be very easy to find international expeditions in winter or spring. You can reach Dalaman Airport with an Istanbul connection.

By Bus

Turkey had so far from the town of buses to Fethiye.

By Train

It is not possible to reach Fethiye by train.

By Car

You can get to Fethiye by renting a car from Istanbul, Izmir Dalaman or Antalya airports or by your own car. Also, it is about nine hours from Istanbul, about four hours from Izmir, about one hour from Dalaman and about three hours from Antalya.

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