Fishermen's Labyrinth

Known, as Turkey's 24'th most visited town in general, is a magical place between the bushes of turkey's abundant greenery. You have the sun shining and the blue seas glowing, making it an ideal place for a vacation. Another reason what makes this town so special is that the town is in two regions of Turkey. For those of you who don't know what the parts are, here is a picture of a map which shows them.

Mugla, a town in Turkey is famous for being one of the oldest towns in turkey, which date back to 3400 BC. The Karians was once the local people of this region, and it is known that there have been occupancies from different nations. Among these nations, there are, Egypt, Assyrian, Scythian and Hellenistic colonies are known to be occupied by the domination of the region.

This area known by fishermen in Mugla come here and watch the fish and Caretta Caretta swim. This place has become so popular that some fisherman has quit their jobs to become a tour guide and take tourists to this site.

Within the districts of Ortanca and Koyceyiz in Mugla, has many small paths due to green life growing from the water. These little green patches have grown in an unorderly fashion that it looks like you are in a labyrinth.

If you are interested and visit Mugla, make sure to visit the Iztuzu beach to join the tour to these lovely labyrinths. On tour, you can see all the different fish swimming under you. If you are lucky, you might see some sea turtles, also known as Caretta Caretta's aswell. In Spring you can enjoy the colourful grass which grows from the water and enjoy the old Kaunos Antique village which is close to the area. The water here is interesting as well because the sea and the water from the river join here. That is why you can find saltwater and freshwater species.