Floating Islands in Arsiyan Plateau

Visitors are heading to Artvin, known as 'The Calm City' to the town of Savsat has 12 floating island for the summer.

Arsiyan Plateau is located to the north and west of the border with Georgia. There are many small villages in the hills. Ilıca village, Pınarlı village and Kol village being one of them. Arsiyan plateau is different from other hills due to its grass, water and fish. There are also salt rocks, coal mines and numerous hot springs of various sizes. There is also an abundance of Negolara (yellow paradise flowers) with its nice smell. The roots of the flowers also have a sort of beetroot, which is delicious and used for different kinds of food and soups are collected during trips.

There are 20 large and small lakes on the Arsiyan Plateau located at the foot of Göze Mountain at an altitude of 3 thousand 176 meters from sea level close to the Georgian border in Şavşat district. With the locals suggesting that every pond has its own story to tell and noticeable different ecosystems around the ponds. In fact, some of the lakes have their own endemic species.