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Fly Yoga

A new phenomenon is hitting the streets of Alanya...Fly Yoga or to give it it’s correct name Anti-gravity Yoga.  It's not a new sport having been around in New York since 1991. Invented by a choreographer and former gymnast, Christopher Harrison, it takes traditional yoga poses and combines it with Pilates and dance but all in a hammock.  


Fly Yoga is different from yoga which focuses on peace of mind by moving your body, and it differs from Pilates which aims to strengthen core muscles. Fly yoga takes place using a silk hammock and is easily accessible to most people, and is a really fun way to exercise. 

  • Claims to straighten back and shoulders if out of alignment 

  • Good for blood circulation 

  • Helps muscles contract and relax so relieving joint pressure 

  • Releases endorphins because its FUN 

Where can I find classes? 

Well, there are a few studios who have the aerial silk hammocks in place. Heds Academy, Senorita Studios and Balance Pilates all offer classes to name but a few. We tried Heds academy as we know the resident yoga teacher, Gefi. 

As a relatively unfit 50+ lady, I was pleasantly surprised. Whilst it wasn't easy to swing your body into the hammock, once there, it was so freeing! I think a few more times practising will help as I found the hammock constricts around your hips and thighs creating a tension that’s a little bit uncomfortable. I was told that the inversions will really help alleviate problems in my neck. So, fingers crossed. Gefi offers a range of classes and even runs mummy and baby groups which is great for new mums wanting to exercise in a safe, controlled environment and be able to keep their baby with them with no frowning or upset clients if baby cries. 

So, if you're here in your holiday home or staying for a few months and want to try something new, I can really recommend you give this a try.