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The 4 most beautiful routes to welcome spring early

After an interesting winter, the scent of spring has started to spread. Although signs are only slightly noticeable in cities, there are regions in Turkey that live spring earlier than others.

The ideal time is now! DATCA

The ideal period to welcome spring in the Aegean begins in mid-February. Since Datca and its surroundings are under the influence of mountains and the sea, incredible images emerge at the beginning of spring. The roads passing between the cliffs accommodate all the colors of spring. The region is at a point where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet; Thus, it is boiling in the summer, and it isn't easy to go hiking.

However, spring and even this period are the ideal months for trekking. One of the four sections of the Carian Trail, which has a total length of 850 kilometers, starts from Old Datça. The route passes through coves that lead to the ancient city of Knidos and Akyaka.

For a delicious experience ... URLA

Urla is one of the most delicious spots where you can experience spring in this period. The hotel selection is crucial as you can only benefit from the restaurants of the hotels.

In the evening, it's calm and pleasant as they only serve the hotel guests. My advice is to sit by the bar, chat with your friends and dig into your food. You can stop by Keramikos in the bazaar that prepares collections for famous chefs and buy some ingredients for home. You can also present natural soaps from Kekliktepe. Before returning, do not forget to purchase some pastry with mixed herbs and tiny cookies with tahini from Konal Bakery, which one of the oldest ones of Urla. Also, olive oil is very popular here, so if you wish to buy some, you should visit Olivurla.

Cycle your way around Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the places that fascinate people with its magnificent nature. There are many cycling routes for those who want to take a break under the trees and breathe in the smell of fruits. My favorite route is to depart from the center of Fethiye, arrive in Kayaköy through the paths, and then go to Darboğaz and Gemiler (Ships) Bay.

From the center of Fethiye, you can reach to Keciler and Kayakoy. This road is entirely in the forest, and there is barely any traffic. When you get to Kayakoy, you can take a break by visiting old Greek houses. If you want, you can return to Fethiye center on the main road or from the route you come from.

Where all the trees blossom, ALANYA

In the early spring, you can visit one of the most beautiful cities that Turkey has to offer. Alanya has a beautiful turquoise sea, vast beaches, and A countless variety of trees that give fruit. The district offers a great combination of culture, history, and nature, contributing to its guests' fabulous experience.
Start your tour of Alanya from Dim River that gives people tranquility and a chance to admire nature. You can even rent a bike and cycle it to the river, which is 25 kilometers from the city center. Along the way, you will first come across the coastal road that offers a great view of the clean beach. Lastly, do not leave without seeing Dim Cave, Red Tower, Shipyard, Alanya Castle, and watch Cleopatra Beach's sunset.