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Four things to do before moving!

For tenants, relocating is a difficult and challenging task. The list of priorities to be made during the move can make your job easier. You can plan how to place your belongings in your new home before you move, and you can do the cleaning in advance. Thus, you save time and get less tired.

You have found the house you want to live in, so what should you do now? Here are 4 things tenants should do before they move!

Calculate everything

Even if you make the best plan, logistical problems may occur during the move. To prevent this, it is not enough to know the square metre of the room or where to put the items that are ready to be moved in.

For example, where can the moving vehicle with the belongings be parked during transportation? Does the big sofa in your living room go through the door? Or how many items can fit in the elevator? How safe is the building for transporters? All these issues need to be calculated first so you can prevent the prolongation of the work and perform a safe move.

Document your environment

One of the issues that has come to the agenda in recent years is to take photos of the newly moved house and use it as a document when necessary. Before settling in the house, take pictures of the floor, countertop, bathroom, door, window blinds, in short, anywhere you can think of. Then, when you need to move from this house, you can prove that the window blinds were bent when you first arrived. On the other hand, make sure to check whether the boiler or heating system works before moving in!

Do the cleaning before moving

You can make your job easier by cleaning the house before you move in. If you are going to have the cleaning done by a company, you must make an appointment and inform them of the cleaning day. If there are areas in the house that you especially want to be cleaned, you should inform the person who will do the cleaning. You should be especially careful about the cleaning of parts such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is also easier to have the new home cleaned before all your furniture is moved in so that you can get in all the nooks and crannies without having to move your things.

Ensure your belongings

Housing insurance; It is the assurance of the building, house or the belongings in the house against any disaster or negative situation. If you are a renter, you can ensure your belongings. In order to get the most out of home insurance, you should choose the most appropriate coverage in the policy.

Although there are different guarantees in this insurance, the main guarantee that is common to all of them is fire. Except for fire, they are included in the insurance as additional coverage. Assistance services such as flooding, breaking glass, theft, plumbing and electricity are also included in the additional coverage. Insurance companies offer different packages according to the guarantees in home insurance. The fee varies according to the location of the residence, the type of guarantee and the insurance company.

When you buy a property with us we will help you sort all of these things so that it's another worry of your mind. Moving can be stressful so we try to take the stress away from you so you can enjoy your new home!

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