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Friendship and Peace Rally in Göbeklitepe

The Culture and Tourism Minister ( Mehmet Nuri Ersoy ) took part in the Europa-Orient / East-West Friendship and Peace Rally in the Göbeklitepe tour.

Minister Ersoy visited the ‘Europa-Orient/East-West friendship and Peace Rally’ Team, which start was given in Istanbul-Sultanahmet and continued in Şanlıurfa. It was announced that 2019 is going to be Göbeklitepe’s year and all of the rallyers of this race were welcomed. Ersoy, then took the city tour with the other members and hand waiving the citizens while honking the horn along the way. After completing the tour in Göbeklitepe, the Minister Ersoy and the rallyers visited the ruins and received information from the authorities.

"We want to change perceptions"

Culture and Tourism Minister Ersoy, told reporters after the visit, said that they attach great importance to Göbeklitepe, advertising campaigns for advertising around the world. Europe-Orient / East-West Friendship and Peace Rally also stressed that in this sense it is very important. He said; "Obviously these kinds of organizations promotions of have enormous benefits in terms of raising awareness for Turkey. We do not want to introduce Turkey through advertising. We want to change perceptions with such organizations and different lifestyles of various groups".