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Fun in Alanya

So, you've brought your new summer home or you've decided to relocate permanently to sunny Alanya, what's next? Well, there's a multitude of thrilling activities you can partake in. From bungee jumping to cave exploring, Alanya really has it all. This blog post will provide all the information you need to have the BEST time.

Safe Fun on the Sea

Alanya is all about the water. From the white, sandy beaches of Cleopatra to deep diving alongside magnificent turtles, there are many ways to explore the turquoise, clear waters. The most important way to enjoy these activities is in a safe environment and Alanya prides itself on ensuring the safety of all it's residents and tourists alike.


There are many places to enjoy WaterSports in Alanya and one of these is Numan Watersports, found in Konakli. They offer exhilarating fun all summer long. From speeding across the glassy surface of the water on a jet sk,i to soaring high above the ocean with a parachute, there is something for everyone. You can even rent the boat and ıt's captain and enjoy a speed-tour around Alanya castle area. When it gets too hot, cool down by jumping off the boat into the crystal, clear water.


Why not wake up early and join a unique fishing tour. Not only will you get a private tour around the cliffs of Konakli you also get a special look at the quirky underwater species that the Mediterranean has to offer. Whilst on this tour you can also rent (or bring your own) snorkelling equipment and glimpse the colourful underwater life. This is a truly memorable experience.


Inflatable Amusements

For an even bigger thrill why not try the inflatable entertainment that these Watersports have to offer. Grab some friends and jump on the banana boat for a splash-filled laugh. Or for a heart-pounding experience, rent out the mable, where you will skim over the top of the waves and if you're lucky the dolphins will race alongside you.

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