Giresun Şebinkarahisar Welcomes Its Photographers

Giresun Şebinkarahisar is among the preferences of amateur and professional photographers who want to view the stars at night as well as natural and historical areas.

The natural and historical sites of Şebinkarahisar which is a district of Giresun attract the attention of amateur and professional photographers who desire to photograph the stars and sky at night.

Flowing from the height of 50 meters in the village of Çağlayan, the waterfall and its surroundings welcome photographers who photograph the stars late at night.

In addition to the waterfall, Kılıçkaya Dam is one of the areas that photographers prefer for shooting stars.

Mayor Şahin Yılancı, in his statement, said that Waterfall Waterfall is one of the important tourist destinations in the district and that they expect amateur and professional photographers to 4 seasons districts.

Engin Ayyıldız, a member of the Giresun Photographic Art Association, also stated that they have done a star workshop in many regions of the city.

Ayyıldız explaining that they carried out their work in Şebinkarahisar this time as: "Since the waterfall is far away from the city lights, it leads to really high-quality photographs and that’s exactly what attracts us. “

Ayyildiz stated that Şebinkarahisar Castle, the Virgin Mary Monastery and other churches and Kılıçkaya Dam are also very good for star photography.