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Gordion will it be included in the World Heritage List?

Where is it? 

Polatlı, which is in the district in of Ankara, is home to Gordion, an ancient Phrygian city. 

It is hoped that following an application made by Turkey, it will be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A committee of experts on behalf of the International Council of Monuments and Sites visited and examine this ancient site. 

What is it? 

Gordion which has many ancient remains and over two millennia of cemeteries, can tell us a lot about the way the Anatolians lived. It used to be the political and cultural capital of the Phrygians. Gordion’s  location at the confluence of two rivers gave it a very strategic location with many fertile lands around it. One of the key attractions for this ancient city is the Midas Mound Tumulus, said to have been built by King Midas for his father. There are well over a hundred tumuli in the vicinity of Gordion mostly associated with Kings. The site was included in 2014 on the UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage. This site has been continuously occupied since the Early Bronze Age (c2300 BCE) 

In 2014 the Polatlı Promotion Centre of Historical Areas (POTA) was established to investigate the ancient city of Gordion. The POTA General Coordinator Kadim Koç told newspapers that he felt that they had made a very positive impression on the committee when they came to visit. Hopes are high that this wonderful ancient city will gain the protection that it very rightly deserves.