Goynuk Canyon

The Goynuk Canyon is located North side of Kemer. Here you can find beautiful waterfalls, plant life and pools which you can swim do various water sports. Because the canyon is located on the Lycian way, it was announced as one of the top 10 best walking paths.

Unfortunately, you need to pay to enter the canyon because it is not owned by the government. 2019 the cost of entry is 8 TL per person. Once you have passed the gate, just a few meters ahead you will see a pond which will be surrounded by many trees and plants. many people start taking pictures here, so we suggest you prepare your camera as you are walking or when you enter through the gate. If you want to start the trip with some of the activities provided by the park, you can enjoy ziplining and rafting. We would like to add that the zipline is 40 metres above ground and reach speeds up to 65 km per hour. That is impressive! If you want to go rafting, you are taken with a Jeep to the location where the current is slow.

For those who want to take a break from walking, tired and want to enjoy the nature park you are surrounded with, you can sit at the cafe located close to the entry, here you can have some snacks and enjoy a nice hot coffee or a cold glass of water (depending on your taste, of course).

The canyon is located 36 km away from Antalya, 13 km from Kemer and 4.5 km from Goynuk village.

We hope you enjoy it!