Hair Transplantation in Turkey

If you are considering to have a hair transplant, Turkey might be an appropriate option for you. Over the course of five years, hair transplantation operations have skyrocketed. Especially in big cities such as Istanbul and Izmir. Just the number of operations performed in Turkey is equivalent to the number of operations in the WORLD. The most significant advantage of you choosing Turkey for hair transplantation operation, it can be performed in many places, and the prices will be much lower compared to other countries.

Cities That Perform Hair Transplants In Turkey

Hair transplantation surgery in Turkey is mostly done in major cities. You can get hair transplants done in many parts of Turkey. However, in small cities, there are mainly hospitals that perform these operations, while in big cities, there are many clinics and hospitals that can perform hair transplants.


Hair transplantation operations proceed more than a day. So if you are thinking of coming to Turkey for hair transplantation operations, you will need to spend some time. If you choose İzmir for hair transplantation operation;

  • Due to its location, you can spend a pleasant time.
  • You can find a clinic which only makes hair transplantation operations centre.
  • Being in the Aegean region and being close to many holiday places, you can have a pleasant time during your stay in Izmir.


Istanbul is a city where you will have almost the most options for hair transplants. Mainly in the European region, there are only centres that perform hair transplantation. If you prefer Istanbul for hair transplantation operation;

  • Because the European side is crowded and Istanbul is not close to holiday destinations like Izmır, it is difficult to say that you can spend as much time in Istanbul as Izmır for your hair transplant operations.
  • It could be more expensive compared to Izmir.

Hair transplantation surgery for people who prefer Turkey must be aware that you need to stay in a period of time as you are healing. Most people prefer to rent an apartment instead of staying at the hotel. As the Summer Home Agency, we will help you with both are about finding where to stay during your surgery and choosing hair transplantation centre in Turkey.

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