Handuzu Valley

Rize is located in the north-east of Turkey, and It is located on the shores of the Black Sea. Rize is located west of Trabzon, Artvin in the east and Erzurum in the south. This area is known for being the most rainfall area in Turkey. Rize’s income is mainly from tea, but in recent years they have started to grow kiwi fruit. But since kiwis are not so popular and not much is produced, it is only met with the needs in the city.

This location is precious to Turkey because it is one of the cities that has nature tourism. Rize is famous for its steep slopes, peaks reachable mountains, gorgeous lakes, springs, historical areas, wildlife and streams.

Located in one of the mountains of Rize you can find the Handuzu valley which has a population of 1800 people. This village is only 16 kilometres away to the city centre, making it an ideal location for visitors. Once visited by the president of Turkey a long time ago was not impressed with the area and asked how they dare ruin the village by neglecting the nature and properties. The people of the village were influenced by these words and soon after they started to rebuild and take better care of the village.

Within a few years, the people of the village have made beautiful progress. They established social areas such as small parks, bungalows, camp areas, a mosque, a restaurant and picnic areas which have the most spectacular view of the sea and mountains. Unfortunately at this moment ( 16.10.2019) the bungalows which will home 400 people are not open for service yet due to the village being inside the national park.

The village has been home to the mountain biking tournament for the past few years and this year with the almost finished restoration project. This year with the tournament, it has been an opportunity for the village to advertise this project. Also during the winter, this location is used for skiing, so in the winter the people of the village hope that it will be a location for winter tourism aswell.