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How much is a one-bedroom apartment in Turkey

Since 2016, the growth in prices for Turkish apartments has increased. If you plan to buy coastal housing here and want to learn how much a one-bedroom apartment costs in Turkey, you need to decide what is most vital for you in such real estate - the location, repair, price or infrastructure of the area.

Apartments in Turkey
When buying a two-room apartment in Turkey, you need to decide what are the most essential factors.


Choosing apartment options, buyers are faced with the concepts of "1 + 0", "1 + 1", "2 + 1", "3 + 1". The first figure represents the number of bedrooms and the second the number of living rooms. If you are looking for one-bedroom accommodation, you need to focus on the proposals "1 + 1", this will be an apartment with one bedroom, living room, kitchen and one bathroom.

The approximate area is from 50 to 70 m². The difference between Turkish apartments is the spacious balconies (or even several balconies), which can be combined with living space or used separately because their area can reach up to 30 m². Generally, balconies are a small terrace with a barbecue area and a dining table.

You can purchase apartments in high-rise detached buildings or residential areas. The second option is more common. Residential complexes are small buildings with shops, spa, restaurants, outdoor pools, playgrounds, parks within an enclosed area.

Apartments can be searched both in the secondary market and in a new build. Almost all residences from the developer have a minimum set of household appliances, cosmetic repairs, furniture and a finished bathroom. All this is included in the price of housing. If you have additional requests - they can be realized by buying real estate at the construction stage.

Apartment in Turkey
1 +1 apartment layout


Several factors influence the cost of apartments in Turkey:

  • Remoteness from the sea
  • Selected area
  • Infrastructure
  • Type of housing - secondary or in a new building

Proximity to the sea is a crucial factor affecting the cost of beachfront real estate. It takes into account whether the windows face the beach and how high the apartment is (the higher the floor, the better the view and more expensive housing). Real estate located further away will be 20% cheaper than those on the coastline.

Also, important factors that affect the price comprehensively are the remoteness of housing from the city centre and the area you have chosen—the most expensive property is in Istanbul. The cost per square meter ranges from 2 to 5 thousand euros. Apartments in Bodrum will be slightly cheaper - from 1.5 to 3 thousand euros / m². In Antalya and Kemer - up to 2 thousand, and in Alanya - up to 1.5 thousand euros.

If you are considering new apartments in a gated complex with developed infrastructure, they will be approximately 15% more expensive than housing from the secondary market in a detached building.
Apartment by the sea
Proximity to the sea is an essential factor when buying.


The cultural centre of Turkey is the city of Antalya, with a population of more than 1.2 million people. There is everything for lovers of a relaxing holiday and beautiful nature, the Azure Sea, high mountains, lots of greenery and pristine beaches marked with the Blue Flag. The city is 12 km from the airport.

In addition to the beaches, tourists can visit the resort's many attractions: Duden and Kursunlu waterfalls, the Karain Cave, the famous Beach Club, the Troy dolphinarium, oceanariums, Karaalioglu and Mermeli parks.

Fans of outdoor activities will not be disappointed with local diving, rafting, jeep safari, horse riding, parachuting and paragliding. The city is also famous for the winter ski resort of Saklikent.

For shopping lovers, there are many shopping centres and large markets. The most famous shopping street is Isiklar.

The average price of a two-room apartment in Antalya is 65,000 euros.

In the province of Antalya, there is a small resort town of Kemer with a population of 18,000 people, located at the very foot of the Taurus Mountains. Kemer has several archaeological areas. These are the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis, the ruins of the gates of Andrian, the ruins of stone tombs and the old dam.

The city has a well-developed infrastructure; the most important place is Moonlight Park. Its area is more than 50,000 m². There is a dolphinarium, water park, attractions, a club with animators for children, cafes and restaurants.

The average cost of one-bedroom apartments in Kemer is 55,000 euros.
Moonlight Park in Kemer
Moonlight Park in Kemer.

Marmaris is a port city that fell in love with European youth. In the tourist season, the resort receives up to 2 million vacationers; this is the warmest place in Turkey: the average temperature in the summer is +30 ° C, and in the winter +18 ° C. The city is located in a sheltered bay, so the sea is always calm there.

In the surroundings of Marmaris, it is worth visiting the ancient city of Loryma, Sedir Island, Icmeler Bay, Amos, the Marmaris yacht port, Nirvana Beach, the local amphitheatre, the promenade, the dancing fountain and the Hafsa Sultan caravanserai.

A two-room apartment in the city will cost 60,000 euros (average price).

On the Turkish Riviera is Alanya - a resort protected from the wind by the Taurus Mountains. Here you can see the most beautiful phosphoric caves, Sepadere Canyon, ancient fortresses and mosques. A feature of the city is its food markets - they do not have a permanent place, and every day they move to different areas of the city.

There are many private schools and kindergartens. The population is more than 310,000 people. The average price for a two-room apartment is 60,000 euros.

Another popular area off the coast of the Aegean is Bodrum in the province of Mugla. Tourists love the resort for its nightlife, the atmosphere of an eternal holiday and carefree fun. The population of the city is slightly more than 30,000 people. The main attractions are a large number of beaches, the mausoleum of King Mausolus, St. Peter's Castle, the amphitheatre, the black island of Kara Ada, the beach club, the island of Kos and the water park "Dedeman".

Night time in Bodrum
Tourists love the city of Bodrum for its nightlife.

A two-room apartment here costs from 60,000 euros.

A two-room apartment here costs from 60,000 euros.

Istanbul is Turkey's largest city and one of the oldest on Earth. The population is more than 15 million. It cannot be considered as a beach resort, because in the urban area, there is no approach to the sea. But you can quickly get to Prince Islands, which have a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

There are more than 500 hammams, the largest oceanarium in Europe and the huge indoor market of the "Grand Bazaar", which stretches for 66 streets. Also, in the Bosphorus Strait (which divides the city into two parts), the world's deepest underground tunnel for trains has been laid. Istanbul can be called an exhilarating city.

If you want to buy real estate in the most historical place of Turkey, you need to choose Istanbul. The cost of one-bedroom apartments on average, will be 90,000 euros.

We will help you choose an apartment in any region of Turkey and organize a free study tour to do this.