International Schools in Turkey

Turkey welcomes countless foreign people from around the world for various purposes such as working, settling in, immigration, etc. Mostly they come with their families so, education becomes an important issue. There are many choices for people who prefer to live in Turkey for a while or for good. Turkish education system offers a constantly changing and partially accredited style. If you want your children to get a world-class education and not struggle when they decide to continue their education in another country, Turkey offers a wide range of options as international schools. International schools in Turkey offer a high-standard, multicultural, bilingual education with accreditation from American and European Institutions. Their curriculum is different from Turkish schools but some of them provide an accreditation from Ministry of Education of Turkey, too. All in all, it is beneficial to have information on the international schools of Turkey, before you move in.

High-Standard International Education

The international schools provide a multicultural environment with students from various countries. There are also Turkish students but in small numbers. Their curriculums and primary language of education changes depending on the school, but mostly it is English. They are accredited to different world classes and provide easy transfer to or from schools in other countries. Their curriculum, language and other requirements change from one to another, together with their tuition fees. Therefore, it is better to make a list and contact them directly for more detailed information. Most of them are located in metropolitans such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, etc. All of them have accreditations from worldly-known institutions such as NEASC (The New England Association of Schools and Colleges) or ECIS (European Council of International Schools).

Here are some examples to help start your research:


1. International Community College of Antalya (ICCA): It offers preschool, primary and secondary school programs with English as the primary language of education, supplemented with Turkish. It accepts students aged between 3-14.

2. TED College Antalya: It offers kindergarten, primary and high school programs with Turkish, English and German as the languages of instruction. It has memberships in international institutions such as IBO, CIS, ECIS and Eco-Schools.

3. Antalya ISTEK Schools: It offers instruction in Turkish, English and German languages. Most of its English teachers are natives.


1. MEF International School: It offers programs for early years, primary and secondary education with English as the primary language of instruction. It prepares students for University of Cambridge International Examinations.

2. Private Izmir American College (ACI): It is the first Turkish school which was accredited by ECIS and CIS. It offers IB Diploma Program.


1. British International School (BISI): It offers preschool, primary and secondary school programs with English as their primary language of education. The programs include a modified English National Curriculum, IGCSE and an International Baccalaureate Program.

2. Istanbul International School: Preschool, primary and secondary school programs are offered. It has an accreditation from Turkey Ministry of Education, Cambridge as a Cambridge International School and is a member of International Schools Association.

3. Uskudar American High School: It has an American-based curriculum with English as the primary language of education. It is one of the oldest and prestigious schools in Turkey.

4. Pierre Loti School: It has an independent curriculum with French as the primary language of education. The program gives a French Baccalaureate Diploma.

5. Österreichisches Sankt Georgs-Kolleg (St. George’s Austrian High School / Karakoy St. George’s): It dates back in 19th century, founded by European or American missions in Turkey. The primary language of education is German.


1. Bilkent Laboratory & International School (BLIS): Children aged between 4-19 are accepted for their private day school. It has the IB Diploma program.

2. British Embassy Study Group: Founded by British Embassy in Ankara, it accepts mostly British citizens aged between 3-11. It offers the English National Curriculum, with English as the primary language of instruction.

3. George C. Marshall School: It is located in the Turkish military base in Balgat, formerly the property of US Military. US citizens and Embassy staff have priorities for enrollment. It accepts children aged 5-18. It follows the American educational system with English as the primary language of education.

4. Private Tevfik Fikret Schools: It is a French school that accepts students aged between 6-18. The primary language of education is French.

5. TED Ankara College: TED is a foundation that has schools in many provinces of Turkey. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of the country. It accepts students aged between 6-18 with an examination and the primary language of education is English.