Kas Travel Guide

Kas Turkey is a district located in the most western part of Antalya. It is very popular in terms of tourism, especially diving. Kas has that effect that fascinates everyone with its beauty. People who come here for a vacation most tend to continue their lives living here.

In contrast to many districts, the centre is quite small. You can see the overall centre in a matter of hours. One of the most popular is the long bazaar which is also in the centrum. The reason for this is because of its well-preserved places. You can find yourself walking back in history as you walk through streets with wooden houses. If you wish to travel outside of the city, you can rent a car for the day or use the minibuses that provide transportation.

Historical places

Historical ruins can be found around the district whose existence dates back to ancient years;

Rock tombs

The graves are the best example of well-preserved ancient ruins are in Kas. The most important feature of the graves is that they are carved into rocks.

Antiphellos ancient city

The region, formerly known as Habesos or Habesa is the oldest settlements here. It is known that the city was an important port city during Roman times. The city is built on a large area. However, as time passed, deformed and lost its integrity.

There are many other historical buildings in Kas and its vicinity.

Scuba Diving in Kas

The sea is quite clear, and submarine life is pretty punitive for diving. Especially with the development and preferences of others, many people come for diving. For those who do not know how to dive, it is straightforward, and it is easy to learn with just a few hours of practice.

Hotels in Kas Turkey

There are small hotels in the centre. It is also possible to find larger inns in surrounding areas. However, if you want to feel that historical texture of Kas, we prefer to stay in a small hotel.

To learn more about hotels, make sure to check our guide for Beginners in Kas.

What Can I Eat?

As with any tourist destination, it is very easy to find a meal that suits your taste. But our suggestion would be to try out the local food. In particular, we recommend that you eat foods;

· Pumpkin jam; jam made from pumpkins may seem different in the first; however, this region is indispensable for morning breakfasts.

· Skewered meatballs; low-fat beef ground beef, onion, garlic, bread, eggs, parsley, cumin are among ingredients that are used.

· Piyaz; This salad is made with boiled red beans, tomatoes and onion. To make it less dry, they add a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon and sesame sauce called ''tahin''.

How Can I Go to Kas?

You can fly to Dalaman Airport and reach Kas by car or bus. Or you can choose to go from Antalya airport, which has more flight options.

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