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Keep your home cool in the heat

We all know that Turkey is renowned for its hot sizzling days but it is possible to keep cool even when the temperature tops 45’c. Here are some ideas to help keep your home cooler. 


A lot of people’s preferred choice is to use air conditioning. However, this is quite an expensive option. A labour-saving way to decrease your bills is to try to match as near as possible the outside temperature to the inside temperature. This will reduce your electricity bills significantly and you will feel the difference in a cooler room. Ensure that your air-con is efficient by regularly maintaining it. This means changing the filters regularly. By doing this it improves indoor air quality and cools your home faster. You can also wash the front filters yourself, if they are removable. Annual maintenance works by professionals increases the life and efficiency of your air-con too. 

Block the light 

During the daytime block the sunlight out by using blinds and sun-proof curtains. A dark room is most definitely cooler. There are some great ranges from vertical to zebra roller blinds to choose from. In the evening when it is cooler, open the blinds and windows. Close off any rooms that aren’t being used. 

Fans and ceiling fans 

These are a great way of getting still air to move around and create drafts. In the summer, run your ceiling fan anti-clockwise as this a good method to draw cool air up from the ground. Place portable fans on windows and in doorways as this allows you to draw cool air from these areas into your home. Another tip is to put a bowl of ice in front of the fan as a blast of this chilly air can be really cooling! 


Try to avoid cooking inside, it's time to bust out that BBQ! An oven’s temperature will also raise the room temperature! But it’s a good excuse to dust of the BBQ and chill outside. 


Foam insulation creates a much-needed air barrier. So, check how well insulated your building is as this will also help during the chillier winter times too. 


If you are living in a villa or house then a long-term investment would be to plant shade-loving plants. Whilst a tree doesn’t grow overnight with a little planning you can get excellent cooling results. According to research a tree in full bloom can block more than 70% of solar radiation from even entering your home. Research which plants will grow best in your soil and then plant them under windows that get hit by the afternoon sun.