Kemer Travel Guide

Kemer is one of the tourist districts of Antalya province in Turkey, especially for foreigners, they prefer Kemer to spend their holidays. The most significant factors in this are the climate. It has Mediterranean weather conditions where almost twelve months of the year is sunny and warm.

The History

In the past, due to the rain, there was a lot of floods in the villages. Therefor people built stone walls to protect their homes from these floods. Because of these walls, the region was later called Kemer. Until recently, transportation to the area was only by sea. However, a road was recently built for transportation, and it started to develop rapidly. Although it does not have an old history, there are historical buildings worth seeing. Here are some places where you can visit;

Phaselis Ancient City

It is known to be built by the Rhodesians. There are three important ports called the North, war and south ports. There is a promenade in the middle of the city. Hadrian's gate is on the south end of the road, which leads to the city.

Cirali Burning stones

Getting here is a bit troublesome. You can reach to a certain place by car. But then you have to take a small climb on foot. Once you reach there, you will be amazed by the fire coming from rocks.

Seljuk Hunting Lodge

It is located in the forests of Kemer, and its the only building from the Seljuk period. This building is known for being one of three known hunting lodges.

Idyros Ancient City

This ancient city is located close to the moonlight beach. What makes this different from other ancient cities is that the ruins have just recently been discovered and excavations are ongoing.

What is there to eat in Kemer Turkey?

Kemer is based in Antalya region and similar to other tourist areas; it is possible to find a variety of international cuisine. Kemer is also famous for its local food culture. Because it is a seaside city, we strongly recommend you to try seafood. But if you don't like seafood, you can find a large variety of kebabs.

Where Can I Stay?

There are many hotels that you can stay in both the centre. While some hotels serve with the all-inclusive concept, some serve only as bed and breakfast. If you want to spend the day outdoors and try local specialities, B and B hotels are a better choice.

If you need to rent an apartment in Kemer, you may find more information on our website.

How to Get to Kemer?

If you wish to come here, there are flights to Kemer Turkey by Antalya. If you are planning to rent a car, you can also drive to this location.

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