Kusadasi Travel Guide

Kusadasi, which history dates back to 3000 BC, is one of Turkey's most famous tourist regions. The region is said to have been founded by Ions. Kusadasi, which was previously in Andiz tower region, has been moved to its current area because of the difficulty of transportation in history. Leleges, Aeolians, Ions, Lydian and Persians were civilizations that lived in this region throughout history. In the Hellenistic Age, the essential cities in Kusadasi are Ephesus, Miletus, Priene and Didim. During the Roman period, St. Jean, one of the apostles of Virgin Mary, once lived here, thus making it a religious place. During the Seljuk period, it served as an export gate for caravan roads.

Kusadasi National Park

The park is located far away from Kusadasi. Two hundred nine species birds live in here due to a water source in the region.

Guvercinada (pigeons island)

There is a castle on the island that predates to the Byzantine period. It is also said that many kinds of birds, especially pigeons, lived, that is why this region is called Kusadasi.

Okuz Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai

It is very close to Kusadasi pier. The most striking features of the building are the fact that only stones as materials in its construction. You can locate a hotel and gift shops in this caravanserai.

Cave of Zeus

The best-known rumour for this cave at the entrance of Dilek Peninsula is that when Zeus angered Poseidon. Now and then Zeus comes and waits for Poseidon to calm down in this cave. But if you don't believe in myths, basically Fresh and saltwater mix in the cave.

Women's Beach

It is the most popular beach in Kusadasi and closes to the town centre. The sandy beach with its blue flag shores stretches roughly 1 kilometre long.


There is a national park which is far from the middle of Kusadasi. It is possible to swim in the national park.

Dilek Peninsula National Park

There are many historical ruins in this national park. It is also possible to see endangered plants.

Ephesus Ancient City

The ancient city of Ephesus is connected to Selcuk district. However, it is easy to get to this city from Kusadasi. The history of the city starts from the Mesolithic Stone Age. This is the first city in history to be made entirely of marble. As you are visiting this area, you can take a look at the Temple of Artemis, Celsius Library and the Seven Sleepers.

The House of Virgin Mary

The house is located on the Bulbul Mountain at the top of Ephesus. Virgin Mary is believed to have spent her last years here. This area is visited by tens of thousands of Christians every year.

When to Visit

In Kusadasi summers are warm and dry, winters are mild and from time to time rainy. Due to the historical buildings, many tours are organized, especially in the summer months. If you do not enjoy walking in the crowd and the hot, spring might be the best time for you.

Where to Stay

The centrum is small. You will surely find hotels that suit your budget. You can also stay in an apartment for rent. Popular hotels in the area are Pine Bay, Sunday Beach, Richmond, Carina Hotel, Soleil, Sea light Hotel and Uslan Hotel.

What to Eat

Kusadasi is dominated by Aegean cuisine. A menu with numerous herbs, olive oil foods and appetizers will be waiting for you. Tarhana, chickpeas with meat, hot casserole, fried eggplant and peppers, black-eyed peas with olive oil, roasted ivy with grapefruit and Keskek are among the tastes you should try. The most famous restaurants where you can try local these tastes are Oksa Marine, Kiwi Restaurant and Bulbul restaurant.


The city centre is small enough for walking. However, if you want to go to the other areas, minibuses are everywhere. A taxi is also optional if you wish, but it can be an expensive option because the distances are long.

How to Get to Kusadasi


There are no direct flights to Kusadasi. But, you can fly to İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport and go to Kusadasi by bus or shuttle.


In many parts of Turkey, transportation to Kusadasi is possible.


It is not possible to reach Kusadasi by train. However, you can reach Izmir by train, and from there you can go by bus.


Kusadasi is about an hour away from Izmir. You can find Kusadası by a 6-hour drive from Istanbul and a 5-hour drive from Antalya.

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