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List of countries that can buy Turkish real estate

Over the course of ten years, foreign investors in real estate have exponentially increased. There are many reasons for this drastic increase, but it is most likely because of the value of houses in Turkey. The main touristic and cultural cities offer so much more than just value. You can find Turkish homes steps away from the beach, millions of euros less than what you would pay for in Spain, and that's not all... For example, Alanya, which is located in the south of Turkey, is a coastal area filled with rich history, cuisine, culture, and over 300 days of beautiful sunshine.

So what are you waiting for; Live by the coast and enjoy the sunshine, enter the streets of Istanbul teeming with opportunities or retire in Fethiye and invite your family/friends while having the time of your life.

Here is a list of countries that are allowed to purchase properties in Turkey; Check if your country is on the list and investigate which area is most suited for you...


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