Living in Turkey

Living in Turkey is a unique experience considering the country connecting two continents and countless cultures. Also, the country is surrounded by four seas. Turkey has seven regions which have different natural environments, climates, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds. There are lots of nice features offered by all regions of the country, but the most popular region of Turkey considering the numbers of foreign tourists and second home owners is the Mediterranean Region. Turkey’s lifestyle, which is convenient in many aspects is preferred by many foreigners. There are many friendly people living in Turkey and they welcome thousands of people around the world due to the habit of living in a multicultural environment.

Merits of Living in Turkey

As a foreigner, living in Turkey has its advantages in countless aspects such as climate, nature, people and culture. Generally, the climate is sunny, and the country is a multicultural home with lots of fresh food. Mediterranean Region, which is the most popular region of Turkey, especially, has countless sunny days in vacation season, amazing nature and a wonderful cuisine, in addition to countless outdoor activities and amazing historical background. additionally, especially for European people, living in Turkey is highly affordable.

The Turkey Weather

Turkey has a climate which is suitable to experience all four seasons; the hottest and dry days, romantic, rainy days, snowy and stormy days and enjoyable cool breeze of the spring. In Mediterranean Region, the climate is hot and dry in summers and winters are warm and rainy. In winter months, the temperature never drops under zero degrees. On other regions, especially around the capital, Ankara or the largest metropolitan, Istanbul, you can experience rain, wind and snow.

The Turkish Food

Turkey is popular in foreign countries especially with its cuisine. Turkish cuisine is very rich and there are various kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nearly in all towns of Turkey, you can find a weekly market from where you can buy fresh food directly from farmers. You can eat them all in their seasons.

Turkey Trip

The amazing climate and marvelous nature of Turkey enables countless opportunities to enjoy the fresh air of outdoors. Especially on the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions, there are long and amazingly beautiful beaches. These beaches offer countless activities you can participate. Sailing, paragliding, snorkeling and diving are some of the alternatives. You can enjoy the amazing nature, crystal-clear sea and underwater world.

Properties in Turkey

In Turkey, real estate sector is highly dynamic. Lots of new investments are being made, especially in Mediterranean Region, every year. The investors can be Turkish or foreigners who want to invest in a highly profitable complex. There are many complexes and sites being built with modern and elegant properties. Most of them are decorated luxuriously, with the consideration of your comfort and relaxation. In complexes and sites, there are many services offered such as caretakers, VIP services, fitness centers, saunas, sports fields, etc.

Multicultural Environment

Turkey has a multicultural environment nearly in every region. This is due to many different people are living in Turkey from various backgrounds. Therefore, Turkish people are hospitable and friendly. Especially in regions which are populated by tourists every year, local people are used to having foreigners around. You can even see the signs in 3 or 4 different languages. Many of the business owners and workers speak more than one language. They welcome thousands of foreigners every year and enjoy the multicultural environment.


The history of Turkey is very rich due to the country being a home for many civilizations and empires throughout the history. There are countless artifacts, museums, historical sites and such from various eras of the history. For a culture enthusiast, turkey is a treasure chest with countless opportunities to see and learn. You can also stay in restored historical places in many regions. You can visit museums in all cities with different backgrounds.