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Martin’s Bike Shop

We did an interview with the famous Martin. Martin is a German citizen who first came to Turkey in 1989. Martin loved Turkey / Alanya so much that after his holiday and a few years of thinking, in 1992 he decided to live in Alanya. When he started living here, he was selling motorbikes at first, but later he began to sell bicycles. The reason why he changed his idea into selling bikes because bikes were not popular at the time, but people were looking for places to buy them. He saw this as an opportunity and decide to sell bikes. Martin thinks of his customers, that is why he always buys the best quality bikes and equipment.

With a cycling background, to begin with, he decided to do mountain cycling in 1997. It seems that it was worked for him because he has 5 titles at the moment in Turkey. İn his spare time in the winter he trains up to 10 hours a day! During the Summer heat, he said that it is too, so that is why every few days he does different activities such as swimming, running and cycling. We noticed that while we were interviewing him, he would train inside his bike shop by cycling or running on a treadmill.

Make sure to check his shop if you are looking for a reliable, proper bike and equipment. His shop is the only bicycle shop that rents out race bikes. He speaks perfect English, German as well as Turkish. He is a lovely guy and would love to help you if you have any questions to ask.