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Mobile internet in Turkey

Mobile communication has a crucial part of the life of a modern person, and contacting friends is more difficult without a phone. The absence of a SIM card in some cases can put the traveller in an uncomfortable situation, for example, when someone might be lost in an isolated area when going sightseeing. However, going abroad with your foreign SIMcard is not always profitable. So, the Internet in Turkey at a local telecommunications company costs several times less than international roaming on any SIM.

mobile connection
We need mobile communication to communicate with our loved ones.


Many fares are suitable for travel. However, popular operators such as Eplus or o2 charge high roaming prices, which is why the cost of the trip increases several times. Also, they cannot provide a stable Internet and mobile communications abroad.

Which operator is the most profitable

To save on calls or using social networks while travelling, it's better to choose less popular carriers. For example, Vodaphone's offers favourable packages for trips in Turkey. This company's SIM cards can be used in 197 countries.

On the territory of any of them, the Internet will be stable. The cost of services is almost the same as the prices of foreign telecommunications companies.

The benefits include the following:

  • The operator has good coverage
  • No need to connect roaming
  • There is no postpaid form, making the account easier to control
  • There are no extra charges for services that the subscriber did not connect.
Vodaphone is the most profitable operator.


Before you go to a warm country, you need to familiarize yourself with the principles of charging local mobile communications. Minutes and the Internet here are charged only in packages. Per-minute billing exists in Turkey, but because everyone has a package, it's uncommon to find an extra fee for talking. You need to deposit money into the account immediately for 27-30 days, depending on the selected conditions.

Buying a local SIM card

It is not necessary to register a contract with a local operator if a person rarely travels abroad and is not ready to purchase any SIM card for a long period. Buying a local SIM card eliminates the need for roaming services.

In addition, the right choice of tariff plan allows you to save up to several thousand on international calls.

Mobile operators and terms of use

There are only three mobile operators in Turkey:

  • Turkcell

4G operates in 80 provinces. The minimum for just above 55 lira. For this money, the traveller will receive 500 minutes, 2 GB of Internet and 1000 SMS.

  •  Vodafone

The 2nd most popular operator. Maps work mainly on 3G, 4G is available only in large cities. The cost of SIM cards with a minimum tariff is 30 lire. The set of services includes 250 SMS, 750 minutes and 8 GB internet.

  • Turk Telecom (formerly known as Avea)

This company provides the cheapest mobile communications in Turkey. 4G works without interruption in all provinces, but the connection may deteriorate in the villages. You can buy a minimum rate of 30 lira. In addition to 750 minutes, the subscriber will receive 4 GB of internet and 1000 SMS.

Turkcell operates in 80 provinces.

Balance replenishment

The easiest way is to deposit money into an account with a bank card is through using the mobile application of the selected operator. However, you need to keep in mind that when the money is withdrawn, the amount taken is in accordance with the daily currency.

Purchase a local card

The main rule for a tourist is not to buy a SIM card at the airport of Side, Kemer or Istanbul. In such places, sellers do not offer favourable rates, and the cost of telecommunications services is several times overstated. You can purchase a number in the official dealer centre of a telecommunications company. It's better to take someone who can speak Turkish (just in case).
Purchasing a local card does not need to be done at the airport.

What is better for a tourist to choose

There is no single tariff that would suit any person. You need to choose a SIM card, focusing on the activity of the mobile phone user. Since hotels in Turkey have free Wi-Fi, you can use applications such as WhatsApp or Viber to connect with friends and relatives abroad. Then a plan with 2 GB of the Internet and 500 minutes is enough for a trip. This will be enough for local communication.

Purchasing a simcard in Turkey
Purchasing a local card does not need to be done at the airport.


Cellular operators in Turkey offer many internet packages. Most popular packages:

  • 4 GB from Turkcell - 53 TL
  • 1 GB per week from Vodafone - 19 TL
  • 10 GB from Turk Telecom - 45 TL

The necessary amount of tariffs for the tourist

For a 2-3-week trip, enough tariff is 2-4 GB. This is enough to use WhatsApp, Viber and online maps when you are outside the hotel. Mobile Internet in Turkey is expensive, so large packages are rarely purchased here.

Internet in Turkey
There are many internet packages in Turkey.

Is there an unlimited internet option on tariffs?

It is not possible to purchase an unlimited package. Tourists have to choose tariffs(packages) that include a fixed amount of traffic. If the traveller aggressively uses the Internet, you need to select a package from 10 GB of Internet.

Free Wi-Fi Distribution Locations

To go online, you don't have to pay. You can connect to free Wi-Fi at the hotel. In addition, some establishments, such as cafes, beaches and restaurants, provide visitors with free access to the network.


The price of calls and Internet in Turkey for tourists varies depending on the selected operator. Most often, tourists choose SIM cards with Internet traffic up to 6 GB and 300-500 minutes.

On average, for a month of use, such a package will have to pay 105 lira.


Today, due to the spread of the Internet, it is easiest to call Turkey through applications, such as Whatsapp or Viber. In addition to the international network, there are three ways to connect with people abroad.

Landline phone

The Internet in Antalya and other large cities is good, but in villages, people do not always have access to it. Therefore, the easiest way to communicate is a landline phone. To call Turkey, just dial the country code (+90) and city code. For example, for a call to Ankara, the number will start with +90 and then 312.

Using mobile

The dialling algorithm for mobile and landline phones is the same. However, owners of postpaid tariffs need to make sure that international communication is connected to their SIM cards. This can be done at any office of a mobile operator.