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Modern Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchens are the hub of the home for most people. It is where you socialise, dine and spend more than 90% of your time. So how do we make kitchens more functional but also chic and modern? Well let's have a look at some island kitchen designs.



What is an Island Kitchen?

When we say island kitchen it means independent cabinets and countertops that match or complement your existing kitchen area. Sometimes stools or chairs are used and it can be a multifunctional area for cooking, food preparation or for your spread. Some island kitchen models have sinks or ovens underneath or even dishwashers.

Advantages of an Island Kitchen?

Island kitchens allow spaces to become more flexible and are also great space savers. Extra cabinets and drawers are indispensable in terms of storage space. Islands also make it possible to cook for a larger crowd and therefore you can host bigger dinner parties or organisations.By expanding your kitchen you also expand your counter space which means you don't need to have a cluttered kitchen. 

Which Kitchens are suitable?

Contrary to popular belief, island kitchens are actually suitable for a wide range of kitchens from small to large. They make mid-range kitchens more useful because they provide the extra storage and space that is needed. Furthermore, the extra seating area enables kitchens to be perfect for larger families where dining space is not adequate. 

What are the prices for an Island Kitchen?

The prices are rather diverse due to the fact size, style and layout dramatically affect the price. For example, a standard manufactured island which comes ready-made will be drastically cheaper than a bespoke-made island unit. Materials, quality and size from a ready-made store are standard but if you decide to incorporate your appliances into the island this can also change the price. 

Island Kitchens are modern, beautiful and useful. If you are buying a new property from Summerhomes talk to one of our advisors to see how one can be implemented into your dream kitchen.