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Moving to Turkey

Turkey is a country on two continents: Europe and Asia. Thanks to the perfect climate, wonderful areas near the coastlines, historical places, picturesque nature and excellent cuisine, Turkey is a place that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Except touristic places, Turkey has many other things to offer. Its economical and political development over the last 20 years makes this country an interesting place to invest, to have a business in or simply to work or retire.

Those who want to move here must have all the important informations about Turkey and keep in mind all the cultural and other differences between their home country and Turkey.

To relocate to Turkey, foreign citizens will need to obtain residence permit. In order to get any type of residence permit, foreigners must have a valid passport. Turkish residence permit may be obtained for different period of time and anyone, who wants to apply, must fullfill all the requirements for residence permit. If foreigners want to work in Turkey, they will need a working permit.

Many foreigners decide to buy a property in order to move to Turkey. Being an owner of a property makes the process of obtaining the residence permit easier.

The Reasons for Moving to Turkey

There are many reasons why people decide to relocate to Turkey. One of the most common ones is multicultural relationship, others want to join a family that already live here. Among other reasons why Turkey is wonderful place to live in are: money and laid-back lifestyle. Foreign citizens prefer Turkey because the cost of living is a lot cheaper than in any other western European country. Many people, especially those working and living in the Mediterranean and Aegean coastal cities, have their salary in foreign currency and the exchange rate to Turkish Lira has grown over the past years. Many people want to move to Turkey due to the more relaxed and stress-free atmosphere in Turkey than in other western countries. Turkish people are laid-back and friendly, making it easier for foreigners to feel comfortable.

Turkey provides a wide choice of cities and towns, each unique and special in a different way. The right place depends on why you want to move to Turkey.

Moving to Istanbul

Istanbul is an economical, cultural and historical centre of Turkey, with the population of approximately 15 million citizens. Moving to Istanbul is favored among people who plan to work here, open a business and want to live in a big city. This city offers various districts, from young and trendy, such as Cihangir or Galata, central areas as Sisli or Besiktas to urban and wealthy, such as Etiler or Arnavutkoy. It is really important to choose an area close to your work. With developed infrastructure and all kinds of public transportation, you still need to think on the amount of time that you will spend on the road.

Moving to Istanbul will take you to the place where two continents meet with different culture, it is full of historical sites, world famous companies and much more, making it the perfect place for living.

Moving to Antalya, Moving to Alanya

Another popular region for relocation is the Mediterranean coast, with cities such as Antalya or Alanya.

Antalya is well-known holiday destination, situated in southern Turkey. Antalya region offers many different locations. Each district has its individual characteristics that suit various budgets and lifestyle. Moving to Alanya or city centre of Antalya is suitable for those who prefer active lifestyle, but there are also ideal smaller locations, such as Side, Avsallar, Kargicak or Kas for people who want peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Antalya is one of the top locations for foreigners to buy a property in Turkey. The main reason is great real estate options, comprising of apartments, villas, new and resale properties or off-plan properties for all budgets.

In comparison with Istanbul, Antalya and Alanya provide Mediterranean climate: warm summers, 300 sunny days per year and mild winters. It is an ideal place for people who love to spend their time outside, as well as a perfect place for retirement.

Moving to Bodrum

Bodrum is a port city on the Aegean coast, in the southwestern part of Turkey. It is famous holiday destination with beautiful nature, great climate and many touristic attractions. Over the last years, Bodrum and surrounding areas have become a home for expats from all over the world.

As well as Antalya, also Bodrum is very attractive for foreign property buyers. It provides a wide choice of properties for all budgets, from luxurious, modern locations to traditional and peaceful areas.