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Natural Gas An Excellent Heating Choice

It is said that natural gas is one of the healthiest heating systems around and is the most cost-effective alternative heat used here in Turkey. 

Natural gas is used all around the world and is accepted as one of safest and healthiest methods of heating homes. It is a clean source and because it does not contain sulphur it provides an increase in system efficiency and quality. 

Many developed countries have rapidly switched to natural gas because of the high-quality energy it produces. Turkey has been looking at the possibility of incorporating more natural gas heating within homes, factories and offices. This is in light of recent discoveries of new natural gas off the Black Sea coast.  

Most of the natural gas used by Turkey is within its crude oil production and it imports most of its natural gas from other countries. However, in 2020, the Turkish Petroleum Corporation made the biggest of-shore gas discovery in the world. There are plans to pump gas from the Sakarya Gas Field in 2024 but new pipelines must first be built. It is unknown what rate of gas will be pumped at. 

It is widely hoped that Turkey should become totally self-sufficient with its energy resources and production capability.  One Turkey’s foremost energy companies has been on record stating that in the future no more houses will be without natural gas.