A Nice Village Between Two Rivers

Alongside the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey, you may find a fishing village with small boats called Kiyikoy. The main reason what makes this village so special because of being located between two rivers, making it excellent of plant growth and an oasis for small animals which live in the area. The houses here resemble the old Greek style. People here are very friendly and talkative.

Beaches are very nice but unfortunately Summer season last only 45 days and the best months to go swimming is between July and August. Because it is not touristic, many people do not know this area, but once you visit there, we are sure you will like our recommendation.

For activities, besides sightseeing, you can rent canoes or boats to go up stream and watch the fish swim by as you are moving. For those who are bringing children to this place, we recommend you bring a kite for your children. Because the land is very flat and most of the time the weather is breezy.

Places to Visit:

Aya Nikola monastery

Kiyikoy Castle

This castle was built in the 6’th century AD as a place for protection and built as a watchtower for emperor Justinian.

Kiyikoy Cave

You can find many colourful butterflies in the cave. Do not worry, they are harmless.

Kiyikoy Hamam Harbour

No one knows when the Hamam was actually built, but historians think it might be built in the Ottoman period.

Ashiklar’s Hill

A nice place to watch the sunset.

Selvez Bay

If you are looking for a calm place to live, this is the right place for you. But, we warn you that the water might be a little cold.