Old Town of Antalya

The old town of Antalya, as known in Turkish as “kaleici”, is in a beautiful location with all the history it carries. One of the amazing touristic locations of Turkey today, Antalya hosted many civilisations through history. Many settlements were founded here, starting with the Hellenistic period, including the visit of the Roman Empire.

The Old Town is the heart of Antalya; it is so interesting for both history enthusiasts and cultural visitors. Hadrianus Door, Yivli Minare, Kesik Minare, Mevlevihane, many museums, old houses and narrow streets take you to an adventurous tour into history. The Old Town of Antalya is one of the oldest settlement locations of Anatolia. Therefore, visitors have the opportunity to see the rural area from many different eras and civilisations. The most exciting part of the old town is its old houses and narrow streets which still carry the historical touches of Rum, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture.

The history of the old town goes back 500 thousand years with the discovery of the Karain Cave 30 kilometres south of the old town. Although the archaeological findings show that people were living in the area at then, the settlement of the place as we know it today started 2500 years ago.

Throughout history, the old town was affected by fires, floods and the effects of time. Nevertheless, it still protects its majestic view. The reason why a settlement was founded and used by many civilisations is its archaeological structure. Throughout history, trading gained more importance in the harbour area. Each new owner of the place rebuilt it with different characteristics. The old town became a unique location where you can see touches of many civilisations in the same place.

In the 1980`s Antalya, the old town and the harbour area became one of the most important tourist attractions of Turkey. From that day until this, its beauty is preserved and restored so that it can be visited by generations to come.

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